Jul 21, 2008

M'uru Hates Us

Things are moving along for Valyre.  We spent last night wiping to M'uru, wind chime of epic beatdowns.  Naturally we had zero shadow priests show up for a fight that needs 2 of them.  We also have this mentality going around that even though the strats are explicit on only bringing 6 healers, a 7th can't really be that bad.  I also get the impression that Bosskillers strat isn't all that great compared to Raid Guru.  I can't say for sure, though, since their website refuses to load for me.
Our best attempt was like 75%, which is about the same as when we just ran in there Thursday night with no idea what would happen.  lol
Last night we were short dps, which isn't what we're used to.  Normally it's healers MIA.  I kicked myself that I have no decent ret gear, and while I have a full set of prot, I don't actually know how to tank.  I also have a 70 priest that I've done nothing with.  CoH or shadow would have been preferred over another healadin.  I could have respec'd last night and helped, but instead we were saddled with an extra healer.  Ugh.
Late last week I came across MaxDPS.com and its promises to help me build a gear list for ret.  I played around with it this morning and came up with the new equipment wish list I've posted on the right.  I sorted by BT/MH/Badge and went with their default stats with the exception of Seal of Blood.  Looking at their recommendations, I selected gear based on what I thought I could get the quickest without sacrificing too much dps.  For example, I already own the Torch of the Damned, and while the S4 2H mace does more dps, I won't be getting it anytime soon.  I also went with badge gear if it was one of the top 3 best in slot items excluding SWP gear.
The priest is a whole other situation since she has no access to 25-man raid content and the craftable gear doesn't really cut it.  I don't see an easy way to get her viable, really.  Badge gear only takes you so far.  I also don't really enjoy playing her.
So my plan is to just keep an eye out for ret gear in BT/MH, assuming we run it again, and start getting the badge/craftable stuff as I can.

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