Jul 17, 2008

Twin Emps, Felmyst, and Trinkets

First, a story.
A long time ago, in a raid instance far, far away, we were facing the Twin Emps in AQ40.  Looking back, it was a pretty easy fight.  You had a warrior tank and a warlock tank.  The two prancing emperors shared a hp pool, so damaging one reduced the health of both.  The raid stood at range and nuked the caster one while the melee beat down the melee one.  The only thing you had to worry about was some rain of ice that could land on your head.
We spent weeks working on that boss.  BC was going to come out in a couple months so we were in our last ditch attempts to see content before it hit.  Wipe after wipe happened and you could feel the frustration mounting.  Keep in mind we're talking about 40-man raiding here.  A good chunk kept dying because they just wouldn't move out of the AoE ice.
Finally, one evening we eeked out a win.  A decent amount of the raid had croaked but we still outlasted the bosses.  Our arch nemeses were dead and we can has lewts.  There was much rejoicing and yelling on Vent.  We went and got pwned by C'thun just for fun and called it a night.
The next week we came back and, given our previous history on content, expected to down the Twin Emps in a few tries then work on the big eyeball in the back.  It never happened.  No matter how long we tried and how many times we came back to that boss, we never beat them again.  It began to feel like we had somehow lucked into the first kill and morale went down.  A couple of weeks attempts went by and our good raiders stopped showing up.  People were blaming each other on the forums for our apparent failure.  It was depressing.  We ran less and less content until we just took a break before BC.
That's what I call the Twin Emps effect.  No matter how much fun it is to down a new boss, that fight is always in the back of my mind.  "What if it was a fluke and we never down them again?"  "What if this is as far as we'll ever get?"  "What if this boss kills our guild?"  Those are the thoughts that stick with me after the initial giddiness has worn off.  That was my fear for Felmyst.
We went back into SWP last night, our first raid since the Tuesday reset.  We 2-shotted Kalecgos (first wipe was a group set up error) and 1-shotted Brutallus after an accidental aggro pull while we were running in.  (I rocked Burn healing - 0 deaths bebe!)  We then spent the rest of the evening wiping to Felmyst.  We had a couple of close attempts but most were intentional wipes after we either lost half the raid or lost most of the healers.
Then, on our last attempt of the evening before we were going to call it, we won.  Sure, it was a few seconds after enrage hit, but we did what we needed to do.  This was the time I really rejoiced.  We could beat this boss.  We have what it takes and like the rest of SWP, it just takes some attempts to get it right.  We're still moving along!  /relief
Even better was the double conqueror boots drop.  While I've never managed to get the BT boots, I now am the proud owner of the T6 ones.  :D  This also completes my T6 set - I has 8 pieces, although I don't wear the gloves or pants.  I am so close (3 bosses!) to being a full rust bucket!  And they nerfed Mu'ru's hp in the patch.  We can has Twins tonight, kk?  :D
So I've updated my equipment wish list, which includes adding a shield that drops from Mu'ru.  The mace with the * is pretty much a side-grade for paladins with the mace off Illidan, so I'll only take it if the resto druids already have it.  Or I'll just let off-spec get it. /shrug
In profession news, Fozec helped me farm the arcane and shadow protection recipes before the raid last night, so I have both now.  I also picked up the Fel Mana pot since apparently it drops from the same mobs.  I just need to see about getting the ironshield pot and completing my quest for Potion Mastery.
THE ALCHEMY TRINKET ROCKS.  Seriously, get it.  Unless you're sporting both enchanting and jewelcrafting, you should drop which ever isn't one of those two and pick up alchemy.  Using my mana regen macro (see below), I went from 50% mana to full.  The mana regen was so awesome I swapped out my JC trinket for Essence of the Martyr for more +healing.
Mana Regen Macro (because I don't have time to waste more than one button press)
/use Super Mana Potion (2520-4200 mana with trinket)
/use Figurine - Seaspray Albatross (900 mana, fixed in patch!)
/cast Divine Illumination (~1630 mana with Light Rank 7 spamming)
/cast Divine Favor (279 mana with Light Rank 7)
Total = 6169 mana returned or saved on average, ~7k mana max, both assuming I don't crit beyond Divine Favor
That's neglecting the extra +25 healing or so over Essence of the Martyr.  If I don't need that 900 mana, I can wear both +healing trinkets for a combined +203 healing.  With those and the appropriate consumables and raid buffs, I hit +2687 healing last night (with EoM's on use it would be 2984).  Woot!

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