Jul 10, 2008

Hello, Enrage

Last night was a good raiding night.  It's been a while since we had enough geared people to actually make some progress.  We got Felmyst to 38% and hit the enrage timer.  This is a first for us and a solid step towards downing her punk butt.  Mass Dispels were right on the mark, healing was keeping people alive, and the dps were pew pewing.  We were about 2 phases from beating her when the enrage pwnd us in the face.  One mage got clocked for over 100k damage.  lol
This was the morale boost we needed, especially with the nay saying I was seeing while the officers decided if we even should try Felmyst.  Out of our 35 active raiders, 13 have been trying to gear up to the same level as the rest of us.  We've had that much turnover and that's not to say we're done recruiting, either.  We have 12 empty slots from what we'd consider ideal, which includes 3 healing positions.
But at least our heads are above water.  No one's announced their retirement in a couple of weeks.  In fact, we have one veteran trying to get back into raiding.
I snagged the Band of Lucent Beams last night, effectively boosting my haste to 133 and my +healing to over 2.5k buffed.  I can has fast healz.

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