Jul 11, 2008

3 Down, 3 To Go!

Progression?  We has it!  Felmyst went to the big cave in the sky last night.  Kalecgos flew over to pat our heads for such a nice job at dispatching his reanimated dragon friend.  People were cheering and in general we were pretty pleased.
Like I said yesterday, we had reached the enrage timer on Wednesday, which is a fairly significant first step in beating any boss, really.  Show that you can at least survive to the end and add the dps later.  Naturally a win isn't valid unless you had a heartbreaking 1% wipe at some point in the evening, followed by a few ridiculous early fight wipes.  Only the officer mind controlled?  lawl  That's just how raiding works, though.
From a healing standpoint, the key was helping people survive Encapsulate (20 yd AoE damage centered on a random target) and getting everyone rounded back up after the scatter drill in phase 2.  Arcane pots were also a nice touch to help reduce encap damage.
There was some sort of visual bug on Felmyst's corpse that had her positioned differently for some people.  When I called for the raid to stand by her head for a screenie, half the group ran to her tail (on my screen).  As if killing the boss wasn't hard enough, Blizz has to mess with our screenshot.
I will state here for all posterity that the trash "gauntlet" after Felmyst is both a stupid setup and a complete rip-off of the Suppression Room (BWL), General Rajaxx (AQ20), and more recently Pathaleon (last-ish boss) in the Mechanar.  Who in their right mind thinks people enjoy uncontrolled mobs running at you while you fight an uphill battle (literally) to get to the end?  And the topper?  The gauntlet mobs drop zero loot.  Not even a netherweave for your troubles.  For there being so many really excellent trash drops in SWP, Blizz sure is making sure we barely get any of them.  lol


Anonymous said...

Big grats on Felmyst! Looking forward to seeing that fight. I've heard some people cheese that gauntlet (e.g.: run to the end, die, and shammy pop, or pally DI someone), or is it not that bad to fight through?

Valyre said...

Well, there's suiciding imp bombs, hidden rogue-types, and packs of mobs. The bombs and rogues just keep coming the longer you're in the gauntlet. Plus you're climbing like 2 flights of ramps up, so there's terrible LoS half the time. It probably took like 15-20 min to fight through everything.

The problem with corpse hopping is you feel kinda low doing it, at least I would. I'm also not sure how far we'd make it. One imp bomb took out about half our raid initally.