Jul 25, 2008

Felmyst Down

Felmyst took many, many tries (16) but we won.  Eventually.  After the enrage.  /sigh
What started the tone of the evening was someone having to afk for a few min because they spilled beer on their keyboard.  Once you know one person is goofing off, the rest will soon follow.  I didn't help matters by being really tired and not interacting much with the rest of the healers.  We were just going through the wipe motions, not trying to troubleshoot the causes or anything.
Towards the end of the night I swapped out one of our more undergeared resto shamans for a better geared one.  I got a whisper from the one I asked to step out, wanting to know if we could talk about how his performance needed to change.  Honestly, I was just making a change based on his total healing for the previous few attempts.  I don't have time or the tools to do a breakdown in the middle of the raid, so I just go with what I have, which is assignments and healing output.
On the bright side, I think he's the first that's ever asked me what he needed to improve when asked to go on the waitlist.  I'll go over the WWS today and see what's doing.
In beta news... there's no beta news.  After installing the client I had to download a 50 MB patch.  Classic.  I'm hoping to get in there tonight and have a looksee at the content.  Worse case scenario is I get some screenies to update the guild website so it's more "Northrendy" (a common complaint amongst our guild members).
P.S.  Felmyst dropped conq boots and Z got them.  That's the 2nd paladin to get T6 boots before getting the ones from Naj'entus.  Only one more to go!

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Anonymous said...

Hahah! I had to afk one time during Mother trash after spilling beer on my keyboard. I still need to take the thing apart completely. The first bath in rubbing alcohol didn't quite fix the keys.

Grats on getting the win. My guild is in a holding pattern again, recruited some newbies to fill in gaps, and not quite adjusted yet. It's good to hear about the progress possible once one gets past that stage of guild building.