Jul 24, 2008

I Can Has Win

I started to download the beta client last night before the raid.  At 1.88 GB, it was going to take a while, plus our latency ground to a halt (+1k for me).  So I cancelled it and had it download over night.  When I got up this morning it still had about 400 MB left to go.  They weren't kidding about 8 hrs to complete.
One other guildie (another holy pally, but has other toons) is also in the beta.  I'm hoping WWS still functions in there.  I'd like to do some before and after tests using identical gear, etc.  Z was reporting 2.5k crit Holy Shocks, which are a bit disappointing.  I expected them to be more in the 3k range with the addition of talents.  Right now I average 2k non-crit ones, so meh.
We downed Kalecgos and Brutallus last night.  The latter boss took many tries (15) but we finally pulled a rabbit out of our communal hat right before time to call it.  It was another situation were a resto shaman was on the tanks.  It's just not a viable healing strat.  You have to have 3 direct healers on the tanks if you want to win.  Next time they will go on burns.  Resist the call of the armor buff!
With the help of my new alch trinket, I spammed a constant stream of rank 7 Lights on the tanks for 6 minutes.  I had a shadow priest, but still had to drink a mana pot and pop my bird trinket.  That's a lot of healing output, to the point I topped WWS for the final win.  Yeah, that's right.  Even with 45% overhealing, I won at the meters.  Imagine if all of that raw healing power had landed.  muhahaha  I casted 0 Flashes and 107 Lights.  Looks like they have a 39% crit.  Not too shabby.  I told priest H that Paladin + SP = Priest last night and he laughed at me.  I posted a WWS screenie on our forums so now he knows.  >:)

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