Jul 28, 2008

BT and Shields vs Books

Group comp was a bit wonky last night so we held off on Twins and headed into BT.  It's been about 3 weeks since we had been there, so I think for some people it was fun and new-ish feeling.  Not for me, though.  It felt like I'd never left.  Boss after boss was downed and the loot passed out for off-set.  I think only 1 or 2 bosses in the whole place even had items people wanted.  This is why I get so irritated when guildies start the "must farm old content!" chant.  Really?  For the 3 total items people would take for their main specs?  Yes, let's spend an evening doing that.
It could also just be the fact that I raid for gear and I'm done with MH/BT.  The only item that's an upgrade would be the trinket off Illidan and it's really a side-grade now with the alch trinket.  I need lewts off Twins, M'uru, and Kil'jaeden.
I've never understood why saying that you raid to get gear is such a negative.  It doesn't mean that I'm going to steal your epix and bubble hearth.  It also doesn't mean that I'm only going to show up for instances I need loot from (see last night), although I do reserve the right to complain.  Some people like to collect vanity pets.  I like to collect gear sets.
Speaking of gear, I've encountered a perplexing situation.  Part of the paladin image is a knight roaring in on their steed, bringing the heavens down on their foes.  Knights typically wear plate armor and carry a sword and shield.  Well, the whole sword thing is an impossibility (until WotLK) since you can only dig up healing maces.  But what about the shield?  I've been wearing one since I stepped foot in my first 5-man as a healer.
I currently have Felstone Bulwark, with potential access to Aegis of Angelic Fortune and Book of Highborn Hymns.  Upgrading from my current shield, AoAF gives me +9 healing, -27 crit, and +13 mp5.  The BoHH would result in a net -1 int, +6 healing, -27 crit, +22 haste, and +9 mp5.  Right now mana isn't a big issue, but I've been loosing lots of crit for haste as I acquire more SWP gear.  Can I afford to loose 27 more for 22 haste?  Would that 13 mp5 vs 9 mp5/22 haste be worth it?  I'm starting to think that the OH book is a better option than the new shield.  It seems like if I wasn't going with the book, the shield I have right now is plenty good.

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