Jun 30, 2008

Weekend Recap

We ordered our authenticators today, one for each of us.  I saw that BBB had to pay about $0.85 in tax.  We had no such fee, so they must calculate it by state or something.  They should be here in 8-10 days.
Over the weekend we worked on alts.  Fozec's Alliance lock hit 60 and we're one DM run away from a dreadsteed.  Unfortunately our level 70 friends are out of town for the week.  I'd be up for trying it 2-man or even a pug, but Fozec tends not to roll like that.
I farmed up 3 black dragon scales for part of his quest.  But I did it all secret-like, looking up the mats he needed and then spending about 30 minutes trying to remember how to get from the Badlands to the Burning Steppes.  Once I stumbled on Kargath, I was good.  I then stood in the shadow of Black Rock Mountain, killing anything with the word "dragon" in its name.  If you had the remotest possibility of containing scales, you were going down.
After that, I was ready to attempt a BRD solo run for Dark Iron until Fozec caught wind of what I was doing and told me he could just mine it.  But dwarves need killing, too!
Since Fozec is playing catch up to me Alliance-side, I just putted around and worked on professions.  Unfortunately, I'm still suffering the effects of loosing a ton of mats in the mail when I didn't play her for more than 2 months.  One example is having 0 mageweave to level first aid.  I also lost about half of my thick leather.  Who knows how many greens went poof.  Luckily Fozec held onto his extra mats and has been helping me out.  I'm at 291 LW.  :D
My paladin tried out the seasonal entertainment, namely spying on people as a jumping crab and healing while my party mates killed some heroic frost dude.  I've seen a number of Ahune healing guides, but to be perfectly honest, I'm still not sure what exactly happened in there.  I just healed like normal and tried to run out of anything that popped up under me.  At one point I was tossed in the water and had to swim back.  Luckily people were topped off when this happened, so no one seemed to notice.  I managed not to loose anyone, so it was a clean fight.  A caster dps neck dropped that no one wanted.
Immediately after the fight, though, I wondered into a pack of mobs accidentally.  There was a lock with me, while the rest of the group was up ahead.  My gut reaction was to consecrate and keep them off the lock.  I totally aggro'd them all and died, only to immediately pop back up via a HS.  lol  Flawless new boss victory followed by a noob death.
We made a number of attempts on Brutallus but that fight is unforgiving if you don't have exactly the right healing group comp.  Sadly we were 1 direct healer short of even coming close to enrage, let alone winning.  Also, our single resto druid announced he's going on a multi-country tour of Asia from now until September.  You know, starting next week.  Great, thanks for the heads up.
On the bright side we brought in 2 shadow priests, a lock, and a hunter over the weekend.  We also interviewed 3 holy priests and a resto druid.  The latter had potential but we have another resto druid application that needs follow-up, too.  So we're not just sitting around, letting the guild sink into a hole of dispair or anything.

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