Jul 1, 2008

Brutallus, I H8t You

Last night we managed to defeat Brutallus with an odd healer comp: 2 priests, 2 paladins, 1 druid, and 3 resto shaman.  I spent most of this morning pouring over WWS, comparing last night to our last Brutallus win.  We tried most of the night with the healers I mentioned above, minus the druid.  We just couldn't keep the tanks alive.  We added the druid when he logged on and pulled out a win.
The data tells me that the burn and raid healers weren't focusing on the tanks enough, basically.  The burn healers were battling an odd class mix (paladin/shaman) and had never done that assignment before, so it was good information to have.  I was the paladin, by the way.  Normally I'm on the tanks and another pally/druid handle burns, so it was all new to me.  I think if we had it to do over we'd do better, which is the hole point of digging through WWS to begin with.
Speaking of WWS, I bit the bullet and got the guild an unlimited storage account.  It's hard to get a solid baseline over time for the progression bosses when data more than 2 weeks is auto-deleted.  We only do Felmyst about one evening a week to begin with, and sometimes not even that.
Right now Fozec and I have 2 spare Dell XPS gaming desktops.  Many moons ago I contacted a WoW blogger about giving them one of the computers after reading about all the issues they were having trying to raid T6 content on a laptop.  They were surprised at my offer but wanted to get to know me before actually sending me any of their info, like where to ship the computer.  It made sense to me but we've never been able to meet up online.  There's been a few emails exchanged but that's about it.  I've also read that the blogger is staying with a parent (poor college student) and doesn't actually have interwebs atm.
Now we've got 2 guild healers with computers on the fritz but with seemingly little cash to fix them.  These are high attendance people playing classes we need for Felmyst.  One's in Taiwan, so I'm not sure I can even ship a computer over there.  It's frustrating having 2 perfectly good gaming boxes sitting on our floor while we struggle to get the right group comp because one healer can't log in at all and the other DC's like a mad man.
So should I honor the first offer, even though I first contacted the person months ago and have yet to get anywhere?  Or should I look at donating our machines (only 2 yrs old) to guildies, which could potentially help progression?

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