Jun 26, 2008

Sticks and Dragons

Last night I spent about 30 min in front of the keyboard.  Between being overly tired, working late on urgent stuff, and going to the dentist to have a tooth sanded, I wasn't up for raiding.  Instead I honed my skills on throwing and catching sticks.  At this point I'm about as good at it as a rabbit is at such things.  Fozec has long reached canine status on the stick stuff, which he loves to remind me.
The Ascent went on to down Kalec without me, a guild first and a good sign that the new healers are doing well.  Apparently Brutallus proved to be a two-prong issue, though.  On one hand they kept loosing tanks to spike damage, but when they did have their healing together, there wasn't enough dps to win before the enrage.  The basis for both issues is probably too much melee dps.  The more melee you have, the less people there are to soak aoe damage (it's one of those "total damage divided between the number of people hit" things).  So you end up with a higher critical healing load, taking away some of the cross healing you'd get on the tanks from the raid healers.  It's funny how it snowballs like that.
I was supposed to get my WI article out yesterday but that didn't happen.  I have hopes it'll be finished today.

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