Jun 2, 2008

Never Like You Expect

This weekend didn't exactly fit the mold.  We worked on our new lock/warrior combo for part of the day Saturday.  They both made it to level 14 before I decided the lock wasn't exactly fun.  For one, a DoT class doesn't make for a good dps partner.  Kragthor would mow down the mob before I could even get a second tick in.  The imp was really irritating me with his stand back and cast philosophy.  I don't know how many times he aggro'd extra stuff.  Then I got my blueberry.  His name?  Mezzthang.  That's right.  Blizzard gave me a voidwalker with a drag queen's name.  That was the last straw.
So I cleared out her inventory, kissed the +100 skill in flowers, tailoring, and cooking goodbye, and deleted the lock.  I jumped in the char creation screen and made me a mage.  She's pretty much everything I wanted the lock to be - quick spells, heavy damage, no stupid pets.  I also have this awesome skanky green outfit going on.  Hilarious.  The downside is I'm plowing through the same belf starting area for the 4th or 5th time now.  On the other hand, I'm getting darn efficient at it.  I dinged level 10 last night, snagged me some sheepage, and blew some murlocs up.  If you head over past Sunsail Anchorage, you can still see bits and pieces of them littering the beach.
On the raiding side of things, we didn't have the healers to field a solid SWP group for Felmyst.  So instead we cleared MH, then hit up Al'ar and Kael in TK.  We one-shotted Al'ar and two-shotted Kael.  The second one surprised me, considering how complicated the fight is, how long it's been since any of us have done it, and the fact that a number of people in the raid haven't done it at all.  Basically our goal was to get new people access to their MH rings, plus the transporting necks in BT.  Even though the attunements are gone, the items are still high quality.
I don't miss TK at all.  Like not even a tiny bit.  The trash was hard, the loot mediocre, and the end boss ridiculous.  I mean at one point the tanks had to wear arcane resist dresses for Solarian.  /palmface  I also don't like how hard it is to see anything in there, with the hot pink floors and the glowing crap on the walls.  Give me a dark, damp cave any day of the week.
Apparently one of the horde guilds on our server got a second warglaive last night, completing a set after 4 total Illidan kills.  There's another guild that's downed him a couple of times and have one.  How many do we have after about 5 months?  Zero.  It'll also be 15 weeks this Wednesday since we last saw the Pearl Inlaid Boots off Naj'entus.  W.T.F.


Agador said...

We're still working on TK, but I must say that I agree with you on the color scheme in there. The random glowing crap (I think it pulses too?) and hot pink all over the place makes it hard for me to target. I know that I end up just turning the camera to get a top-down view half the time in order to spend more time dpsing and less time getting oriented.

Random loot can suck that way :/ I remember waiting for Lurker to drop his belt I think for over 2 months before I just gave up and made the belt of blasting. I also never got my T4 helm from Prince, I just gave up on that and am still trying for something else.

Christopher said...

Your poor voidwalker. All his life, his demon friends probably made fun of him for being so stupidly named. His parents thought they were being ethnic, but it just turns out they were being stupid. Finally, Mezzthang finds a warlock who will have him! He's overjoyed, an opportunity to start anew! Prove that he's more than a name! Only to have you delete the toon because of him. Dejected, he returns home, with nothing to show for his adventures.

Perhaps you recall, we joked that you would get a demon named "Bhut'seckz". I guess we weren't far off after all!

Changing gears, random loot is physical proof of the Devil.

The casual guild of which I am a member did about a 9-month stint running Karazhan, every weekend, on two adjacent nights. The upgrades came quickly for me; within about two months I had gone from zero purples to about half epic. I was pleased, but the two largest upgrades for me simply would not drop -- Maiden's Shard of the Virtuous and Chess Event's Triptych Shield of the Ancients. Considering that at the time I was still using the The Essence Focuser and Crystal Pulse Shield, I was in my mind well overdue for an upgrade.

The months went by. I start to understand the anguish of the Ancient Mariner as I grow increasingly bitter towards my BoE blues, and the cruelty of the random-drop loot system. My faith finally broke; there is no mace, there is no shield. The loot tables were wrong. I don't CARE where you think you got The Shard, it doesn't exist!

I'm kind of in the same boat as Agador. I started doing PvP, found a good arena partner, and farmed for a full arena armor set, many pieces of which I would bring on raids.

Then one weekend, about seven months in, both of them dropped for me. It was wonderful, everything I had ever dreamed.

But the game was not to leave its kindness unchecked. Two weeks later, Mags dropped a T4 token for me, IN ADDITION TO the Aegis of the Vindicator. And two weeks after that, the Eagle Boss made the T4 chestpiece obsolete. I guess when it rains, it pours.