May 30, 2008


Being a guild officer has its advantages.  I get to directly voice an opinion on just about anything that involves the guild, including what raid we're doing and what the policy should be on something.  I have control over my gaming destiny.  I also have access to the guild bank and can grab gems, gold, consumables, and the like anytime I want.  Normally it's to pass out to other guildies, but it makes fixing up my gear a snap.  I also feel good about contributing to the group.
The downside that I've been grappling with for a while now is not having any friends in the guild.  Rarely do people chat with me unless it's guild or healer related.  Maybe no one has friends in the guild, I don't know, but it feels like people keep their distance because I'm an officer.  It could also be because I tend to only speak up when I have a smart ass comment to make.
Combined with this isolated feeling of sorts I haven't really meshed well with my new healing leads.  One barely talks to me (I have to directly ask for input) while the other seems to be busy doing shaman things.  The chattiness I'm used to is gone.  Compounding the problem is a former healing lead still in the channel who's about the only one to pipe up when I ask something.  This means the actual peeps feel no draw to say something of their own.  The former lead's attitude has also changed along with his main.  He's much more negative and selfish (i.e. not as much a team player) than before.
The spiral continues downward because their stony silence means I tend not to explain the logic behind how I make assignments and the thought processes that go into figuring out the best person to stay in vs sit out are.  So when one of them does assignments, I tend to disagree with part of all of what they propose.
So right now I'm not that much into the social part of WoW.  I just try to do the best I can in raids and play alts.

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