Jun 3, 2008

Mags, Felmyst, and Cheese

I changed the feed setting today from short to full at the request of Fozec.  Let me know if it's not working since I don't use a reader myself.
Last night we warmed up on Bagtheridon while waiting on a resto shaman to long on, then wiped to Felmyst for about 3hrs.  I healed the entirety of Mags without a weapon equipped due to using the legendary during the Kael fight the night before.  Classic.
Our best attempt on Felmyst was around 65%.  The main issue seems to be entire groups getting wiped out by encapsulates.  My plan is to do some research today to see if I can come up with a survival plan.  I lived through one with only about 1k health left after eating a HS.  I should set up a macro to eat a HS and holy shock myself at the same time.  We're not exactly scoring major points on phase 2, either, but right now I attribute that to consistently loosing 5 healers in phase 1.
Reading BBB's article on cheese, I concede that I feel the same way.  I'd say the biggest draw for me right now is working on some of the alts I have (Alliance hunter, Horde mage).  Raiding is fine but with progression so difficult there's a lot of work before a win.  With leveling there's a feeling of constant improvement.  Plus, raiding progression is 1 dimensional (gear) while leveling has about 4 different ways you feel like you're getting better: gear, spells, talents, and areas.  Back in the day you could get higher ranks of buffs via books that dropped in AQ.  I'm not saying I prefer that system.  In fact, it created issues by making people feel like they had to raid to get that last spell. There's also a nice little xp bar that constantly shows you how close you are to the next step during leveling.  No bar pops up in raids to tell me how many more Naj'entus attempts it'll take for the boots to drop.
Yesterday I saw some picts of the supposed new tier gear for pallies.  Blue dresses ftw although I can't say I'm loving the shoulders or the helm.  It's kind of sad how the gear seems to get progressively uglier.  They had so much opportunity to go with blue ice-like gear, or even some furry frozen north looking stuff.  Imagine how awesome it would be to have a glowing, semi-transparent outer shell (think ice crust) with metallic underlying fabric.  Or maybe you go with something more natural, like seal-lined leather covered in shiny, silver metal plates.  Instead they tar and feather the locks, while giving paladins a helm that looks like any number of grey vendor trash.
There's also a glimpse of the DKs' steed.  Fozec is a big fan of horses in WoW.  I think the only other mount that even comes close to being as cool for him are the nelf cats.  I can see him loving this hunk of equestrian transportation.  It's got all the key ingredients: fiery feet, armor clad, and generally tough looking.

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gt said...

I really am digging that blue skirt thing though... we gotta believe none of this is final assets right?!

Though you know... tier 5 gives me no hope what so ever. The original concept are was really cool... and the implementation just makes me cringe. >.<

Though I guess if I played a game for cool looking armor that would be Guild Wars and not WoW. >.>