Jun 6, 2008

MH and Gold

Last night we 22-manned most of MH.  The sum of our ranged dps was 2 hunters, 1 lock, and 2 mages.  That's right.  We had to melee down the gargoyles.  And the 2nd-to-last boss who eats melee alive.  And Archimonde (we got to 25 people by dragging in Veterans at that point)  lol
On Archimonde we won with 2 deaths.  That's never happened before.  One death, sure...  if it's the right class.  Hell, on the first attempt we were still going pretty good with 7 deaths.  Apparently the breaking point is 8.  This was with 7 healers, one of which had never done the fight.  We also had 5 paladins in the raid.  There aren't even 5 pally buffs that are worth while for everyone.
Another healer has gone Alch.  That makes a total of like 4 or 5 that have it.  Apparently it's super easy to level and only takes a couple of hours of quality time with the AH.  And 2k gold.
Speaking of gold, mine personal stockpile has reached the point of ridiculousness.  Fozec's converted most of Valyre's 300 badges into gems and sold them.  Even with epic gems being pretty popular, they're still going for 345g each.  Between that and the gold we make off MH/BT, I've totally stopped doing dailies.  Even buying flowers off the AH for consumables, I'm still coming out way ahead.
Back in pre-BC, it would have taken years to earn the 5k gold needed for an epic mount.  Even though we got ours before their were dailies, I can't say it was particularly difficult.  I basically made primal mooncloth bags and cut some gems.  Fozec played the AH's.  Now that there is dailies, there's almost too much gold available.  It's nothing to respec for 100g every week.  I don't bat an eye when buying stacks of ancient lichen for 50g each.
As soon as they gave the badges a monetary value, the badge equipment has become too expensive to buy.  For example, if there's a cloak for 35 badges, that's really costing you 805g for that cloak.  A 100 badge item?  2.3k gold.  So if there's any other way to get upgrades, like running ZA, you're better off.  Plus you'll get badges out of it.  ;)
I'll see you all again on the 16th!

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bbr said...

We managed to actually kill archimonde with 4 deaths once. 7 if you include the few that died near the 20% mark. It can get pretty crazy when he starts using soulcharges 2 at a time.