Jun 16, 2008


Well, we made it back in one piece.  Work has literally piled up on my desk, so that's what I've been trying to whittle down most of the morning.  And someone erased one of my template files.  Naturally they picked the one I use everyday.  Had to remake that this morning, too.
Hmmm...  In WoW news, our warrior/mage combo has reached level 24.  We're currently on our millionth bear and spider, trying to find the elusive ichor.  If I get max range, I can take out a bear in 3 shots, making it croak right in front of me for easy looting.  We also used a 3rd computer to allow Fozec to run us through Blackfathom Deeps and Shadowfang Keep.
Last night we 24-manned Mother, Council, and Illidan.  Plus there were only 6 were healers in the raid after we had our elemental shammy go resto.  Normally we roll with 8 for those fights.  We're pretty overgeared for that content anymore, so we didn't have much of a problem keeping people alive.  A shadow priest in our group made the difference, though.
I think at this point we'll continue to have attendance issues for BT/MH because people are sick of running it.  I know I am.  I've proposed to the officers that we do a SWP blitz week, much like we've done for Kael back in the day.  Basically we try to get everyone pumped up and concentrate only on progression for a solid week.  I'd really like to get Felmyst down and we've only had the people to down Brutallus a couple of times.  I doubt we'll get to him this week again.
While we were gone a couple of people left the guild, a warlock/priest combo.  While I understand their reasons for leaving, the warlock decided to do the most damage he could to the guild before he left.  He basically went on a tirade on our forums, saying that the officers were cheating the guild and poor leaders.  He really came down on our GM, to the point he made nasty remarks about his wife, even.  This was the couple I sent Christmas cookies to, the priest was one of my healing assistants.  I was pretty hurt.  Everything he said was lies, like that the officers were selling the guild's gems.  I've sold a ton of gems on the AH, about 300 badges worth.  I have 87 more badges I need to convert and sell.  I would never dream to sell any from the guild bank, though.  Why would I?
The reply posts from guild members were positive towards the officers, and I think people know that he was making up things.  I just hate that someone could be so mean and vindictive.  We're real people with real feelings that spend a ton of non-fun time trying to keep the guild progressing.  The lock in question was a total asshole from day one that lost all class lead objectivity when he started cyboring with one of the other warlocks.  That's the real reason they left - his priest girlfriend wasn't going to take the "mutual attraction" anymore.  But do I get to slam him into the ground, pointing out the holes in his lies line by line?  Do I get to announce what an ewhore he is and how even though they're switching guilds, his gf still plans on leaving him?  No.  I don't even post at all.  It's better to let things like this die and fade into the background.  For all I know, his new guild is full of asshats, and he's better off there.

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