Jun 5, 2008


Next week Fozec and I are going on vacation.  We'll be heading out tomorrow for the great unknown (literally, since we have get to get directions).  Suffice it to say I have a ton of things I need to get done for work since most everyone else is taking tomorrow off.  doh!
The only things that have happened since we chatted last is we killed Kalecgos again.  One of our healadins got the same pants I got last week.  We then worked on BT.  I got kicked to the curb since 10 healers isn't exactly ideal in there.  I used the time to chat with some friends then sleep on the couch.  It has officially been 15 weeks since the Naj'entus boots last dropped.  /sad
If I don't post tomorrow, I'll see you all in a week.  :D
P.S. Two of our healers have gone Alch and gotten the trinket.  Nearly all of our dps have gone LW to get drums, even our ret who spent like 10k gold to buy all the blue JC'er patterns back in the day.  Having to meta game professions to progress through SWP is stoopid.

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