Jun 4, 2008

I Can Has Necklace Plx?

Tuesday is alt night around our house.  For me it was an attempt to get my mage to level 14 so Fozec would play with me again.  I started out the evening at level 10, almost 11, and facing a host of angry trees in the Scorched Grove.  In the midst of these vicious walking sticks, there roamed a giant one by the name of Old Whitebark.  Now, my general rule of thumb is to never approach anyone with a name unless I have a quest for them.  This is normally a good practice since most quest chains have you kill the small versions and then send you back for the main bad guy.
In this case, though, I knew from experience that there was no quest to kill the tree.  This was a strange situation, one that had me perplexed.  So I did the only thing I knew to do.  I burned him to the ground.  He dropped a necklace that started a quest.  Score!  I took it back to the girl in the house.  Immediately she started bawling.  Apparently I snuffed out a friend of hers.  Oops.  She sends me to a rune stone to bury the necklace.  Now, not actually having a necklace of my own, it seemed like a terrible waste to stick this one in the ground.  I tried to explain the situation with "Old Whatever is dead.  I'm alive.  This thing could help me kill Arthas some day!"  All I got was a stony look through red-rimmed eyes.  Ugh!
The moment I stuck it in the ground, the spirit of the big tree rose up.  The whipping he took the first time wasn't enough and he wanted some more.  He blamed me for stirring up trouble, like if I'd walked past earlier he would have just left me alone.  Yeah, right.  Just before I could finish him off, he relinquished.  He mumbled something about letting his people down and failing.  The only part I heard was how he was taking the necklace.  Dude.  You're a ghost.  Wtf do you need a necklace for?  I went to make a grab for it but he vanished.
Bare necked, I managed to survive a half-dozen more encounters ranging from steroid-using trolls to creepy undead spiders.  Just before it was time to call it a night, I dinged 14.  I'm also above 100 on flower picking, which is more than my lock had done.  I've just been lucky getting points from green flowers.

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Christopher said...

As bad as I felt for Old Whitebark, I wanted to slap that darn elf. Everything you brought to her made her break down in tears. She needs to focus on something worth crying over, like the large festering scar overrun with zombies going through your homeland, and then go DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! At the very least, head up to the party Saltheril's throwing. There's enough Blood Thistle for everyone!

I've often wondered what the questgivers do with the knicknacks we bring them that vanish forever. Dark Legacy Comics has us covered, though. =)

One thing I always took note of when Kerryk goes searching for mining nodes, or is out and about farming one thing or another, is that herbalism nodes are EVERYWHERE. I don't know if I'm just around when all the herbalists aren't, or what, but I never seem to have any problems finding their nodes. (Maybe they find all my nodes, who knows?)

Keeping this in mind, I made my young shaman an herbalist. At level 47, she's 291 herbalism, which seems pretty high since the old cap was 300 and I'm still 13 levels away from 60.

I shouldn't have much trouble selling excess flowers on the Auction House. That is, if some twit would stop posting like eleventy billion units of everything I try to sell...