Jun 20, 2008

Is that Fire Killing You?

I can't say much exciting happened last night.  We did BT, clearing through Council.  The boots didn't drop (week 17).  I did manage to trick a healer into standing in fire on Akama, with promises I'd heal him.  I didn't and he nearly croaked.  >:D  I let Fozec die on Council twice.  The first time he went out of LoS and the second I was trying to switch librams to conserve mana.  gg Val...
I have an interview with a priest this evening.  I've met him irl, being a friend of a friend, but I've never seen his healing skillz in action.  He's doing Kara/Za content but if he's got the theorycrafting/skillz, we can get him gear.  There's also a warlock that contacted me, saying he reads my WI articles and wanted to see if we had an opening.  I think he wants to just chat tonight via whisper.
Speaking of WI, I actually have something posting this afternoon.  Yeah, crazy.  My goal is to post shorter posts more often.  I haven't run this past the WI peeps but I figured worst case is they don't pay me for the extra ones.  That's pretty much a non-issue so I'm going to give it a go.  My vision is maybe 3 posts a week, Mon/Wed/Fri with about 500 words each.  This is down from my mega posts that clock about 2.5k- 3k words.
The issue with weekly posts is I feel like I have to get the entire concept jammed in there or people won't remember concepts.  This turns each post into this giant project that takes 8-10 hours if not more to pull together.  If I post more often, it will be more like a conversation and I can break up topics into manageable pieces - kind of like this blog, but interesting/educational.  I also think I can produce them in 2-3 hour chunks that are much more manageable with my current schedule.
The biggest hurdle with more posts, though, is finding more cool pictures to go with them.  So if you guys have any, be it funny situations or just a portrait of your healer, you can email them to me at marcie[dot]knox[at]weblogsinc[dot]com.  Or slap up a link to them in the comments anytime.  Char name and server would be excellent info to send along, too.  They don't even have to be recent.  Some old school T0 stuff would be good times.

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