Jun 19, 2008

In the Saddle Again

I dinged at work this morning, completing the last xp I needed to hit Engineer 3.  I started this zone as Engineer 2 about a year ago, so I think that's decent progress.  With lots of mini bosses, the strats took some time to learn.
In other news, we pulled off a victory on Kalecgos and Brutallus last night.  This is the first time we've managed to kill Brutallus since the last round of recruiting started.  They weren't one-shots, but it proves we have the gear and skill to get back to progression.  This was a much needed confidence boost, too.
I dissolved the healing assistant setup yesterday.  I'd rather have a random rotation of healers learn the assignments.  I think understanding the logic behind doing assignments will make them better at their jobs.  I know it's vastly improved my ability to fulfill my niche in the group.
It's human nature to want to upgrade.  The most obvious example of this is when someone leaves one guild and looks for another.  With the attunements gone, it's possible and rather common for raiders to move from T4 content straight to T6.  For me, though, I can't imagine suddenly joining a guild that is farming entire instances I've never seen.  That's a ton of pressure not to mess up.  And on fights like Archimonde, you zigging when you should have zagged could wipe the entire raid.
For me, I'm grateful that I can do all my screwing up while others are and we learn together.  Most of the fun of raiding for me is figuring out what the optimum healer comp and assignments are for new fights.  I get to move people around and try out things, knowing if they're wrong it's not a huge deal.  Once we down a boss, though, the assignments are fairly locked.  Sure, I do tweaking once it becomes apparent that we're over geared for a particular fight, but the general strat stays about the same.

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Christopher said...

Lifeding, woot! Congratulations! You've certainly been working hard enough to earn it from our perspective, so I'd say the promotion is overdue, if anything. Then again, I'm just the client, so take that for what it's worth. =)

What was your strategy and group composition for tackling Cytec the Stringineer?

Jim filled me in on your Brutallus repeat performance and I have to say this is exciting news. A first downing is important, no doubt, but the repeatability dispels any notions that the first time was a fluke of any sort. Through it all and time and time again, Ascent proves to have incredible tenacity and talent. Now how about some Glaives, eh Blizzard?

Congrats on all accounts!