Jun 23, 2008

Getting Stuff Done

I was very productive this weekend, at least by my standards.  Not only did I overhaul my guild's website, I got the new forums up and running.  I've been trying to accomplish this since March so I feel like a weight has been lifted off me.  I think they look ok, although I'm still not 100% sure the background picture is the right brightness.  I may go darker so the text is easier to read.
This also means I'm now hosting the forums and it falls to me if anything breaks or fails.  /scared  I'm not a php wiz by any means.  I only know what I've figured out on my own, which is via the "oops, that change didn't do what I expected" method.  So far feedback has been mixed, with "your banner sux" to " wow, these are cool, who's your php expert?"  I paraphrased there, for the record. I think they're nicer and have more functionality than the old ones.  I have the unlimited server space package, so that shouldn't be an issue, either.
I also have a WI article going live today.  I told you I was productive!  It's more on WWS.
In WoW news, we ran RFK on Saturday.  I double-boxed our alts while Fozec plowed over mobs with his main.  Kragthor the Tauren Warrior made out like a bandit, getting 3-4 items I think.  We also took a lowbie friend of ours through with us and he got at least one upgrade.
Last night we had the healers for Felmyst but not the dps.  /headdesk  So we ended up 23-manning MH.  I succeeded in wiping the raid twice on Archimonde, once because I forgot to equip my PvP trinket and a another because I hit the ground after an air burst.  Talk about looking like an idiot.  We ended up winning with a couple of people dead.  We also wiped on the 4th boss, effectively turning MH into a 4 hour tour.
Afterwards we did a resto druid interview that lasted until 1am, followed by 30 min of WI post wrap-up.  /yawn  I still need to slap in a picture.

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the WI article.

Grats on getting to Felmyst again. We gained a resto druid a little while ago from a guild on another server that got stuck at Felmyst. Tore up the guild, but sounds like there were underlying problems. /cheery outlook!

Anyhow, if it makes ya feel any better, my guild finally 1-shot Council and Illidan last night only to flub up big time on trash in Sunwell. Only so much concentration left in the brain for one night, alas.