Jun 18, 2008

Farmers and Murlocs Must Die

Last night we putted around Hillsbrad with our mage/warrior combo, nixing cats and humans alike.  It was kind of mindless killing since we were doing interviews at the same time.  WTB lock, holy priest, resto shammy, and mage.  >.<
Anyways, Fozec made a lowbie priest friend.  They ran off and killed some guys while I held the road down, trying to concentrate on the details of the interviewee's gem and ench selection. The new friend was about 3 levels higher than us, and seemed content to just follow us around, healing while we killed stuff.  After clearing out the mines, which contained mobs 3-4 levels higher than us, we ended up helping the priest kill murlocs.
Now, for the record, none of us died.  That being said, these murlocs were a solid 5-6 levels higher than Fozec or me, but only a couple of levels higher than the priest.  On some of them, every single fireball would be resisted and I could barely sheep anything.  It was especially funny because the priest was probably the only one of us that could do decent damage to the murlocs, but instead she just sat back and healed the whole time.  So we crawled through the mobs, but got the job done.
I think what's bothering me right now, per my post yesterday, is that while we took a week of vacation, deep down I feel like it was wasted.  Instead of it being some sort of big family function thing, it ended up just me, Foz, and my grandparents.  If we had internets there, at least I could have worked on the new forums or finished my WI article.  Instead we just read magazines, played cards, and stared at each other.  I was also hoping/expecting there to be some sort of deeper connection between me and my grandma, like the last time they visited and she just sat and chatted with me about old times.  There wasn't.  If anything, I realized how selfish and mean she can be.  /sigh  And I came back to work to be swamped with all the stuff that my boss mistakenly told people would be done the week I was gone.  "Oh, just get it done today."  Yeah...
I need a second vacation, one where I sit at home and finally have time to complete my to-do list.  Who am I kidding?  I'd just spend the whole time playing alts.  ;)

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Christopher said...

Some things just don't make sense. Case-in-point: why in the nine hells do murlocs have ANY resistance at all to ice spells? Fire, sure, that makes sense. They're wet, and fire wouldn't be as much of a concern. But ice would be legitimately troubling to an amphibian.

I'm just saying...

I totally feel you on the grands. I love my grandparents very much, but they don't always make it easy to make a meaningful connection. My grandfather, for example, served in World War 2. I've spent the last ten years watching the History Channel. To say that I would give my left arm to pick his brain for an afternoon is an understatement. Alas, the man's mind is slipping and he has a hard time forming coherent sentences, which is heartbreaking to watch. All I can do is give the man my time.

My grammy, she's another thing entirely. She's still sharp as tacks, has incredible hearing, and will never keep an opinion bottled up. She's gone from "Christopher's a jerk!" mode to "Christopher's the only grandchild who gives a damn!" mode (both actual quotes, by the way) in 2 seconds flat.

I love my grandparents very, very much. But to be perfectly honest, they're the reason I never go anywhere without my DS and PSP. =)