May 27, 2008

Work Avoidance

I'm at a natural stopping point for the day.  The problem?  I have 30 min more to go.  /sad
So I'm going to share my WoW not-in-game-to-do list with you.
1. Finish the new forums.  It's been like 2 months since I last worked on them.  The database, structure, permissions, groups, email, and general format have been done for ages.  The hold-up?  Getting them to look nice like I want.  The kicker is our current forums are a ticking bomb.  The email's stopped working and there's only about 40k ad-free hits left before I owe them more money.  I need to get the new ones done and everyone moved over.
2. This really ties in with #1 but totally revamp our website so it has a SWP theme instead of BT.  Adios old, tired Illidan.  WTB cool swirly reds and golds, plus some giant demonage.  This also means a new Ascent logo.  I'll also have to redo the news stuff, assuming I don't stick with a black background.  I wonder if I can convince Tahra to change the tabard to something more exciting.  Blue and gold lightning bolts have served their purpose.  Hmmm...
3. Make a guild recruitment video.  I already have picked out the music, Blue Monday by Orgy, and half of it is storyboarded in my head.  I just need to wrangle up some people and put a script together.  I think this is key to Ascent's world domination...  err...  setting themselves apart from the millions of other SWP guilds.  Do you think having "Orgy" listed in the credits is a good or bad thing?  Plus it'll let me test out the video stuff on my new computer.
4. Do Part II of my WI series on analyzing healers.  I actually have already committed myself to doing this one tonight.  No huntering, no standing around town as a paladin in a dress.  Maybe a little priest healing, but THAT'S IT! (honest)  I keep seeing these things about how the WI peeps like my column and it makes me feel even more guilty.  In the prophetic words of Nike "Just do it."
5. Come up with a totally cool, completely custom UI look.  I'm getting tired of swirly purple and blue flowers.  I need something more...  gold, blue, and brown to match T6 paladiness.  I also am wasting a crapton of button space with random bits of spells and abilities.  The ability to equip the mace from Kael'thas, a fight I haven't done in about 8 months?  Yep, still on my bar.  Fozec did a revamp and so will I!

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