May 27, 2008

WTB More Long Weekends

This was the weekend for alts.  Voith managed to get to 310 cooking skill and then proceeded to make about 30 Sporeling Snacks and 10 Warp Burgers.  She also hit level 64, a mere 1 level less than the next brand of uber arrow requires.  Yay!  Oh wait...  I didn't train or use my talent point.  /headdesk
The big event was 2-manning Sunken Temple so Fozec's warlock alt could complete some quests and pick up phat lewts.  We managed to clear the entire place with the exception of the egg boss.  We tried it once and just didn't have the AoE to survive.  In order to make another attempt, we would have had to reset the entire place due to a quest bug.  Still, we managed to clear all the dragonkin, 5 dragons, and a whole host of nasty undead trolls.  ST also happens to be my favorite instance, so going there is always lots of fun.
The rest of the time I spent in Terrokar Forest killing beasts, fel orcs, and belfs.  I also helped set off a manabomb.  It pretty much flattened the place.  I teamed up with a dwarf warrior to down the leader of some cult.  A human warlock flaked out on me while waiting to do an escort quest, so I just did it myself.  I declined an invite to Underbog even though I did want to go.  There just wasn't time before the raid.
The holidays nuked our raid chances again.  We actually cancelled Sunday's raid, something that hasn't happened in a long, long time.  Last night we had a shortage of ranged dps that basically made killing Brutallus an impossible task.  I really think attendance is suffering because it's Spring and where we are in the game.  Last year at this time we were plowing through T4/T5 content at a steady pace.  SWP feels more like a brick wall.
I also think we're temporarily stuck in a Catch-22 loop.  Most of the guild is bored with MH/BT.  We've been farming them in their entirety for almost 6 months now.  I'd much rather just work on SWP.  But as the bored people wander away, we have to constantly bring in new, undergeared replacements.  We then have to run MH/BT to get them gear.  We've been in this loop for a month now, stuck in old content because people are bored with old content.  /sigh
On the bright side, all of our new people did exceptionally well on Kalecgos.  We had an excellent first attempt that was only brought down due to extensive taunt resists.  The second attempt was flawless.  I picked up the pants on my list, Legplates of the Holy Juggernaut.  I'm wearing the T6 helm, gloves, bracers, and chest so switching to these legs doesn't break the set bonus.  The net result is +9 stam, +1 int, +3 crit, +4 healing, and +9 mp5.  The bump in mp5 should let me wear my haste cloak more and my mp5 cloak less.
I had to be the Light spammer on Brutallus last night.  Normally we run with 2 paladins and a priest or 1 paladin and 2 priests on the MT's.  In either case I max out my +healing and spam Flash.  With last night's unusual group comp, we had a druid, paladin, and priest on the tanks.  The current healing situation is that pallies have the worst mana regen.  So for me to spam Lights I have to have a shadow priest.  The bonus resto shaman in the group didn't hurt my feelings, either.  I used rank 7's on the normal hits and max rank to help recover from Stomps.  With proper mana pot usage, I think I can keep this going for the duration of the fight.
In blogging news, the post tags are kinda worthless since I've switched to posting by email, which doesn't support this function.  So I've taken them down and replaced them with my gear wish list.  When the pants dropped last night, it took me about 5 min to hunt down the post I needed, to verify they were what I wanted.  I don't want to miss a drop because of poor organizational skills.  Anything with a * means they're a mid-upgrade and not the end-game piece.  The list only contains the items I haven't gotten yet.


Anonymous said...

Kudos for training in the new folks on the Kalecgos kill so quickly. It's sad when people get bored/burned out, but the enthusiasm of the new people makes up for it hopefully.

Memorial day did provide a little havoc on a few guilds that I keep up with. Somehow for us, this meant the melee was doing family stuff, while the ranged showed up. We had 24 people online at raid start, and then the other tank showed up, so we could tell the standby guy with a hangover he go could back to sleep. ;-) One way to combat the MH farm blues for us is to train in one of the druids to MT status. Gives the tank crew some fun.


Valyre said...

Ironic that we also had a player with a hangover, but he had to keep playing anyways.

I'm not sure what we should do to keep old farm content fresh. We've been doing speed runs lately that have helped. It's more about making the pain take less time than actually making the run fun, though.