May 28, 2008


So I spent about 3 hours writing two paragraphs of my WI article.  I went to bed stressed out about not making much progress.  I'd finally just about made it to sleep an hour later when Fozec punched me in the side of the head.  That's after I made his alt all those netherweave bags and everything.  What a punk.
Fozec is what's known as a min-maxer.  In previous MMO's we called it metagaming.  You identify the best traits/skills/abilities for a character and you go full out on them to the neglect of everything else.  In WoW, it really bothers him that the Tauren racial, +5% health, is better than his orc's axe-related expertise when it comes to end-game tanking.  So last night Kragthor was born.  Already level 7, he has made his mark on the Bloodhoof Village by eradicating small vermin and collecting their pelts.  You'll catch the gleam off his golden nose ring as he bounds over hill and dale in the quest to potentially be Fozec's WotLK warrior main.  You know, if that whole Death knight thing doesn't work out.
I logged in with Val last night just long enough to invite a CoH priest into the guild.  He's pretty undergeared but hopefully he'll pick up some lewts in MH/BT this week.  We also brought in another destro warlock.  That leaves hunter and resto shaman on the list as must-haves.
Oh, I also tried on my new pants.  If Blizz was going for the rusty steel look, I must say they've pulled it off marvelously.  I'm very clown-like right now with seemingly random pairs of equipment that match.  Nothing goes with the purple T5 boots, though.  Nothing.  /sigh


Christopher said...

So you aren't much a fan of the T6.5 armor set? Hey, at least it isn't stickplate, eh? =)

So what's your favorite armor look in the game?

Valyre said...

I have 3 looks that are my favorite. I really like the T1 paladin with all the red, black, and gold, plus the metal skirt. There aren't enough metal skirts in the game.

I also really like what the belf BG chick is wearing in Shatt. It's like a red and black plate set that would go perfectly with the S2 shield.

When BC first came out I got really excited at the prospect of wearing something that resembled the guards around Silvermoon. I wanted a cool, narrow shield and really bright colored armor. No dice, though. It was all a lie.