May 21, 2008

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I haven't been keeping up with WoW news too much.  Things are busy at work and when I'm not at work it seems.  I'm also hiding from WI because I haven't written a post for them in almost 3 weeks.  >.<
Anyways, apparently there's been a pretty big crackdown on people that were using the bot Glider.  Mana Battery posted a rather interesting story about how her guild found out.  Long story short, their raid leader got permabanned in the middle of a BT run.  All his T6, all the rep he had... gone.  From the title of the post, I'm guessing he's done playing WoW.
My understanding of Glider is that it moves your character around in BG's so you're less likely to be marked afk by anyone.  Doing a bit of research, apparently it does a lot more, including grinding, leveling, gathering soul shards, and generally playing your character without you.  All for $25.  It can even detect and alert you if someone's following you around.  The aforementioned RL was using it to level a hunter.
I assume that if you're caught using a bot, they ban all the accounts used on that computer.  I do not use any bots, but hypothetically I wonder if that would mean both of my accounts, my sister's account, and both of Fozec's accounts would be banned.  They've all used my computer to log in.  I'm not sure if Blizzard can tell which accounts use the bot and which don't.
Assuming both Foz and I got our accounts perma-banned, I'm not sure we'd do.  First, the embarrassment of getting so obviously caught cheating would probably be too much for me to continue playing with my guild.  Me and Ascent would be done.  I'd probably be in favor of rerolling new characters, maybe Alliance ones, on a new server.  I wouldn't raid between now and the expac, just get levels and professions ready for when it came out.  We also plan on doing the WotLK beta, assuming that's what our BlizzCon beta key thing is for.  We'd just spend our time putting around as DK's.
In general we'd go casual and I'm not sure we'd ever actually get back into raiding beyond the new expac 10-mans.  I enjoy SWP raiding right now, but it's because of inertia that we're still doing it.  It's just as easy to raid as to not at this point, so we're swayed by the people that rely on us to show up.
In other news, my hopes of playing my hunter last night and calling an early bedtime were dashed upon jagged rocks.  I was sucked into helping farm the iron shield potion for our guild alch.  All of our tanks chug these things every 2 min on SWP boss fights.  As you can imagine, they use a lot.  We, um... removed the one person in the guild that could make them, citing their constant need to cause drama.  With certain things, we don't play, even if it means we don't have a source of something anymore.
We also had a resto druid interview at 11pm EST.  Ouch on the lateness.  It turned out well and he was invited into the guild.  He was supposed to transfer over last night.  We also converted a Veteran healadin into a Recruit.  Combining them with the dps warrior we picked up, this gives us one person per T6 token type.  Yay for farm gear not going to waste!

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gt said...

Your point about flow really clicked with me. Though I am totally not doing it at SWP level. Its something thats fun because it is in the moment and there is flow and people to do it with... however if I stopped I wouldn't be too crushed. <.<