May 20, 2008

Back to the Future

After a really solid week of raiding, we ended up not having enough people last night to make any attempts on Felmyst.  Summer is fast approaching, so this sort of thing isn't exactly a surprise.  We decided to do Gruul's, Vashj, and Mags instead.
I'd like to say the run was flawless but it wasn't.  Even though it's old content that doesn't mean it's any less technical.  Personally, it's been so long that I've forgotten half the fights.  I didn't have any of the assignments macro'd, either, so I was just putting them together on the fly.
I think it was a good change of pace, and at least one healer got something, Earring of Soulful Meditation, off Lurker.  I died to water spout like a newb, even though I was bubbled.  I also accidentally taunted Vashj off Fozec in phase one.  It was a misclick.  I'd meant to cast Blessing of Freedom on him.  I held aggro just long enough for the melee to get ahead of Foz and pull real aggro.  /sigh
We had one of our resto druids leave the guild.  It was for the best since his situational awareness was poor.  He tended to stand on top of others on Kalecgos and die to portal damage, for example.  This leaves us down a resto druid, though.  We had a hard enough time finding the two we had.
We're also missing 2 holy priests.  One has basically stopped playing due to video card issues.  The other is trying to find a new job, so she shows up when she can but it's not anywhere near reliable.  That leaves us with 1 holy priest and 0 CoH priests.
We also have a holy paladin that's come back from an extended break and wants to raid again.  We took him on our tour last night and I think he did fine, though he's really undergeared.  He stopped raiding mid-SSC/TK.  We don't have room for another healadin right now, though.  We already have 3 plus a ret.  On fights like Felmyst and Brutallus, you only want 2 healing pallies to begin with.
Fozec's been looking for a quality holy priest for weeks now with no luck.  One thing I've been tossing around is switching back to my holy priest.  Her gear is in terrible shape (mix T4/crafted) but I would think enough BT/MH would fix that.  Also my paladin is in a really good place right now from a gear standpoint.  The only thing I don't have is the belt off Brutallus and the trash drop shoulders (which haven't dropped).
From a game mechanics standpoint, it would be fun to be a priest again. When I stopped playing Mart, priests were really mediocre healers.  You'd run with the minimum number you could get away with, mostly for imp spi.  After various patches and tweaks, they're really at the top of their game, right alongside Shamans.  Playing her the other day in MaT was exciting with all the different spells I had to choose from.  I felt like I could do just about anything.  I also think I'd be a better priest now that I was before due to the mad key binding skillz I've picked up playing my hunter.  I could make some of my quickbar spells on mouseover and never miss a beat casting what I need.
Of course, there is a downside.  The entire reason I switched to Val to begin with was because undead are so ugly.  The class also sucked and paladins seemed much cooler in both aspects.  I had been trapped playing that class and race for over a year with no alternatives.  At that point there was no way I could resist the call of the pretty belf.
But now I've been a belf for almost a year.  I'm on my third one, actually.  I can be pretty whenever I want.  In fact, I probably like the look of the draenei the best of all but that doesn't help me much Horde-side.  When I dusted Mart off a couple of weeks ago, it was like playing a new and interesting character.  Sure, she's still undead, but T6 looks awesome and having the ability to select from a wide range of healing spells was like a breath of fresh air.  I could HoT/PoM one person, direct heal another, and follow up with some CoH action to top everyone off.  I've missed the multi-tasking part of healing.  In raids, I think it's more of a challenge to be a priest than a paladin.

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