May 22, 2008

Meat on a Stick

I came in this morning to find chocolates on my desk.  No note.  Just 6 shiny-wrapped pieces of candy sitting there.  I like surprises, even if I'm not a big chocolate person.  :)
Last night my paladin went on standby for BT and my hunter worked on her cooking for a few hours.  Historically it's always been easier to level fishing and cooking together, since one provides the mats for the other.  In fact, it was nearly impossible not to level fishing with cooking due to the 250-285 range being solely based on fish recipes.  This was especially true post-BC since there's hardly anyone selling the fish on the AH anymore.  In patch 2.4 they added 2 non-fishing recipes to fill the gap, both of which require you to farm level 50-ish bears in Felwood.  It's the same recipe for both Horde and Alliance.  Each bear flank nets you either a Charred Bear Kabob or Juicy Bear Burger.
There's a ton of bears roaming around and I found a particularly good spot of them right near the Bloodvenom River.  There's a pack of 10 or so bears, and as fast as I could work through the group, the first ones killed would respawn before I finished the last of them off.  The cherry on top was skinning them giving me thick leather, which is what I'm using right now for LW.  Just look around the first "L" in Bloodvenom Falls on the map.
The conversion of cooking being a separate entity from fishing isn't 100%, though.  You still need spicy crawdads to get the last 25 points or so to 375.  I hit 285 cooking last night, so my next stop is Dessert Dumplings in Silithus to take me to 300.  I hate bugs.

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