May 29, 2008

Standby, WWS, and a Warlock

The title pretty much describes my evening last night.  I went on standby for BT since the last 2 things I need from there refuse to drop.  I hopped on for Mother since I can has SR gear, but jumped right back out afterwards.  I got about half of my WI article done before I couldn't take the thinking anymore.
Fozec and I have been tossing around ideas for what character would be fun for me to level up with his tauren warrior.  The only 2 Horde races I'm willing to consider playing are belf and tauren, so my choices are somewhat limited.  I also don't really want to repeat a class I've already played.  So rogue, priest, hunter, and paladin are out.  Fozec recommended I give belf Warlock a spin.  I figured since I like hunter so much it would probably be pretty fun to play another pet class.  Not one told me it was a caster pet.
The play style, at least to level 7, was very different than I expected.  The imp just stands there and nukes the mob down.  It doesn't care about aggro.  It's not going to run in and pull something back to me.  I have more health and mana than the little demon, even.  Crazy!
The play style of a Warlock was pretty fun and I got into DoT'ing a mob up and literally just standing there, watching it die.  It's like I knew something it didn't, and I was waiting for the surprised look when it figured out what was going on.  Tenders (trees) were all over this "Wtf?!" reaction, which made me kill an extra handful just for fun.
Being evil also eliminated any hesitation I have when doing quests.  You want me to kill 10 native species?  Done!  Hunt down an unsuspecting dwarf and wipe the floor with him?  Sure!  I don't even care if he's actually a spy or not.  I was so into mowing down foes I nearly flipped off a priest just for putting Fort on me.
At some point I was running along, about to slaughter an entire field of robots and junkies, when another lock named Slurpeegirl asked if I wanted to party up.  Now, making a group for "Kill X number of mobs" makes sense because you can plow through them at a faster rate.  Unfortunately we were doing "Pick up Y number of drops" which makes the amount of time to complete the quest at least twice as long.  I don't understand why people don't know these things.
Anyways, I grouped up with her, thinking maybe she just wanted help with the named guy.  She immediately put the loot on free for all.  I asked her why she did that.  She replied with "Why not? lol"  Uh, because I loot everything in sight out of mere habit?  You're going to end up with nothing, chick.  I tried to share but half the time she would run off, leaving the lewts on the ground.
We finished our 3 quests and headed back to town.  On the way a mage joined our group.  His name?  Slurpeeman.  Being tough at level 24, he met us in town and promptly gave me an int buff.  I ran round selling loots and picking up more quests while reading the following conversation:
S-peeman: /poke imp
S-peegirl: Hey, leave my pet alone!
S-peeman: lol
S-peegirl: lol
Wash, rinse, and repeat that about 10 times.  I give them points for playing characters with "pee" in their names, though.

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