May 30, 2008

Change of Plans

We had a really good turn out for the raid last night.  It was so good, in fact, that we pulled the plug on MH and went to SWP instead.  All of our recruiting has paid off.  Not only did we easily field the 9 healers for Kalecgos, we didn't have to have our elemental shaman respec AND had a healer on standby.  Awesomesauce.
Kalec took a few tries before he was freed and flew off.  What dropped?  Triple Protector.  You could see the drool of warriors, shaman, and rogues start to puddle around the demon's remains.  We went for weeks without a single Protector drop, so to have 3 was crazy.  Speaking of rare drops, the trinket off Illidan dropped for the first time in 5 months last night.  One of our holy priests nabbed it.  Now the only thing we haven't seen is the warglaives.
After Kalec we went on to Brutallus.  Combined with an excellent healer comp, we had a hearty chunk of ranged dps.  Sweet!  Brutallus croaked on the 3rd attempt and we even beat him before the enrage.  Zero deaths ftw literally.  The only hiccup was JoWis falling off the boss about 2.5 min into the fight.  Apparently Crusader Strike got parried twice in a row, which means the ret wasn't standing in the right place.  As far as I know this is the first time it's happened but it really put a mana strain on the dps.  The other downside is I apply JoWis and with me on tank healing there's no way I can safely reapply it should it fall off.
This leaves us with 1.5 nights to wipe to...  errr... work on Felmyst.  The fight seems doable.  We just need to get our eye beam/scatter drill/"waaaaa  get the f away!!!" strat down.
We partially interviewed a resto shaman last night.  It wasn't a full verbal dissection because we only had a few minutes before the raid start.  It's another PvP situation where the dude wants to get into raiding but has little to no PvE gear.  What he should have (+2100 arena rating) is situational awareness and skillz.  Luckily gear is the easiest thing to procure - like ridiculously easy.  Our previous newbies are already sporting 4 piece T6 and pumping out the heals in SWP after only being in the guild 3 weeks.  I think we're supposed to continue the interview this evening.
Fozec and I had a conversation about professions last night.  Right now I have a 375 miner/JC'er, 375 ench/tailor, and a 300 herb/alch.  He has a 375 eng/bs and a 300 skin/LW.  Mining doesn't help my paladin in raids, but it does allow me to break primal earths so Fozec can make pots for raiding.  I can also smelt the SWP-only Hardened Khorium, a mat for exactly 7 items in the game.  The healing ring isn't even an upgrade.  I've already made the gloves, and that's the only thing I'd use on the entire list.  The rest are a couple of rings, a necklace, and some plate dps/tanking items.
From a general standpoint, I've been known to mine ore if I'm working on a project but with access to epic gems, it really has no affect on my JC'ing.  Plus, money is so readily available, I pretty much just buy the ore I need anyways.
The best option for my paladin if I wanted to optimize for raiding is to get the alchemy trinket.  Not only is it +35 healing over Essence of the Martyr, the benefit of the +40% to mana pots is pretty significant.  On average it's almost an extra 1k mana per pot.  That's 5 more Flashes to the tune of an extra 10.5k healing per pot.  It means I would need to drop mining, though.  And right now we don't have that many miners in the guild.  I can only think of 3 that run SWP, including myself.  Technically all you need is 1 to smelt, though.
The primal earth breaking is the only benefit I really see to keep mining right now.  It's a 300 level skill you pick up when you hit Outlands.  In theory, if Fozec leveled up Kragthor to 300 mining, there'd be little reason for Valyre to keep it.  Along the same vein (punnage ftw), if I level up my warlock as an herbalist, I've got a free supply of mats to get Valyre's Alchemy going.  Sounds like a win-win, although it's not an immediate solution or anything.  The Alch trinket requires 350 skill.

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Canth said...

Ironically, for levelling and such, gathering professions are great, but at level 70 and raiding, they are a real hindrance to your performance. You almost need two non-gathering professions for their specific BoP gear or other bonusses they give.
(LW for Drums of Battle.. Alchemy for the +40%, enchanting to enchant your own rings, etc, etc)

Professions would be a lot more profitable if everything you could make was BoE and usable by all. (ie non-LW can use Drums of Battle, you can enchant other people's rings)
Less people would level up professions because you don't NEED them to get an edge.

Currently it's a minmax game of which professions best suit your class and the raid. And possibly scrapping one and picking up a different one for WotLK because that one will be better for you then.