May 5, 2008

Over the Weekend

I managed to check a couple of things off my to-do list over the weekend.  The first was finally getting that last 3k rep with the Sha'tar.  This allows me to collect a weekly allowance of Marks of Illidari, which I can then turn in for free Shatt Flasks of Mighty Resto.  Yay for free raid consumables!
I also finally got the healing trinket from heroic MaT.  I've been running that instance for a while, hoping to pick up one.  Now that I have it, we kind of just stare at each other.  I suppose I need to get on writing a Holy Shock macro for it, but I'm still trying to figure out exactly where it will be of the most use.
My prot set is exceedingly close to being ready for some heroic 5-mans.  I have the turtle JC trinket for the other slot, my 4 piece T6, and purples everywhere else.  I think the weakest part is my level 115 belt.  Fozec got all of her prot gear enchanted and gemmed, too.  She is very tough looking, although I'm seriously considering getting Val a tabard.  Her current prot chest piece looks like a creepy face, with the eyes...  um...  on her chest.  Eeewww.
In huntering news, I got Alurial to level 34.  I took her as far into LW as her medium leather would last.  I also tried to work on her cooking.  I reached a point where my food options were boar ribs, crawler meat, and sagefish.  WoWHeading them, I realized that with the exception of also leveling up my fishing, the ribs and crawler meat weren't readily available Horde side.  I spent a couple of hours farming 3 crawler spawn points in Desolace for about 6 meat total.  The ribs are in RFK and RFD, neither of which I had time for.
So I logged on Val and headed to Darkshore.  Over the next hour I snagged 30 crawler meat, 20 clam meat, and 20 crawler claws.  The only hiccup was having to kill an Auberdine guard that got a bit too friendly.  The clam meat would have been useful except I'd already cooked past them.  And apparently you can only get the crawler claw recipe in Stormwind.  Nice.  /sarcasm

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