May 6, 2008

Big Night Out

Last night we went back to SWP and made a number of attempts on Kalecgos.  We were close but people kept messing up portals or we'd get a portal skip, both of which result in a wipe.  Finally after about 10 attempts we defeated the possessed blue dragon.  The amazing thing was the zero deaths.  I keyed up on Vent to say as much, but at precisely the same instant, Fozec blurted out "God about time!"  Now, Fozec doesn't use an inside voice when he's sporting headphones, so immediately I get whispers saying "Um, I heard that"  Oops!
For the 3rd week in a row, Kalecgos dropped Conqueror bracers.  I think we're up to 4 or 5 pairs now, with 2 dropping last night.  We have yet to see a single Protector, much to the dismay of our tanks.  Specifically Fozec needs them for Brutallus since they're a huge upgrade.  I ended up with a pair instead, even though I just got new gloves this week.  We also had a pally/shaman healing ring JC pattern drop (Ring of Flowing Life) plus the Band of Lucent Beams.  I figured there would be more demand on the ring, so I went for the bracers instead.
Here's where I am on my end-game loot list:
Valyre's Loot List
Helm of the Burning Righteousness - Kil'jaeden
Spaulders of the Thalassian Savior - Trash drop in SWP
Lightbringer Belt - SWP
Legplates of the Holy Juggernaut - Kalecgos
Lightbringer Treads - SP
Band of Lucent Beams - Kalecgos
Memento of Tyrande - Illidan
Archon's Gavel - Twins in SWP
Amulet of Flowing Life - Have
Shroud of the Highborn - Have
Lightbringer Chestpiece - Have
Lightbringer Bracers - Have
Sunblessed Gauntlets - Have
Blessed Band of Karabor - Have
Bastion of Light - Have
Figurine - Seaspray Albatross - Have
Right now I have Band of Lucent Beams on my loot list.  Comparing it to the JC ring, you get -3 stam, -3 int, -8 haste, and +9 healing if you go with BoLB.  Either way I reach the 109 haste rating point, which translates into 1.0 sec Flashes when Bloodlust is up.  So the question is 8 haste worth 9 healing?
There's also the matter of a bird in the hand vs one in the bush.  I can gather the mats and have a guaranteed ring upgrade.  BoLB requires another one to drop when I have the highest DKP.
Speaking of birds, I noticed last night that when I use my Seaspray Albatross trinket, a white albatross pops up and flies around me.  Pet of mana regen ftw.  I can't wait to see the turtle tanking trinket.  :P
The plan is for Val to take her first tanking test drive in a timed ZA run tonight.  Fozec doesn't like to test the water by dipping a toe in.  He prefers the cannonball method of temperature indication.  That reminds me.  I was supposed to clear some stuff off my quickbars so he has room for tanking things...

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