May 1, 2008

Loots Keep Rolling In

While I'm on week 10 of waiting for my healing boots to drop, the prot gear just keeps rolling in.  I picked up the T6 helm and gloves last night, thus completing my 4 piece set.  All I have left is belt, boots, and a trinket slot.  It's kind of absurd I think, that I have a whole other set of T6 and equivalent gear.  It feels like I'm cheating the system somehow.  I also grabbed a one-handed tanking axe.  I need to sit down and generate a gem and enchant plan for my gear so I know if the axe, with it's tanking stats, is better for me than a spell damage mace.
I finally got all the mats together last night to get Sunblessed Gauntlets made.  I was lucky so many people in the guild have alchemy alts to transmute the Primal Mights.  The only thing of note was when I went to make Hardened Khorium, I realized I needed a blacksmithing hammer and anvil.  Wtf on needing a BS stuff for smelting.  I looked over at Fozec and asked to borrow his weapon of mass creation.  While I'm in the middle of making the last mats I need, Fozec has someone on the way needing some BS item made.  So I quickly trade the hammer back and he starts pounding away on the anvil.
I'm in an end-game guild.  I laugh at Illidan.  And I'm sharing a white hammer like it's the last one on the face of the planet.  lol

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Christopher said...

lol@"weapon of mass creation"

If I were still single, that would SO find its way into my pickup line repertoire. =]