May 22, 2008

Follow-Up to Mass Bannings

Apparently someone in TJ's guild has been unjustly banned.  You can read more about it here.  She also linked to Nihilum's coverage of the ban.  They're estimating 56k people have been banned, while others are saying it's more like 100k.
I find the whole thing interesting.  Here's a few snippets from the Glider forums:
"There was definitely software detection, patched in at 2.4.2, not in Warden. If you used Glider or InnerSpace between the 13th and 20th of this month, there's a very good chance your account was closed. If you haven't used either tool since then, your account should be fine."
"Quick edit: no, this is not related at all to the legal action. Just a very unfortunate part of being in this business."
Apparently the bans were by computer that had Glider or InnerSpace installed, not by accounts that used them.  So people lost multiple accounts across the board.  Friends that logged onto computers that other friends had used bots on lost their account.
Here's a good read of what happened.  Seems like Blizz slipped one past the bot companies by including the software detection in the last client update, or Patch 2.4.2 as most people like to call it, rather in their Warden system.  Bait and switch I guess.  Glider and ISXWarden both claim to have already fixed the issue, but it may be too late.  AoConan came out the same day as the ban and I suspect Blizz just handed them some subscribers.

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