Apr 29, 2008

Epic Wipage

We spent all of last night wiping to Brutallus.  Even if we had won, it's only a 6min fight, so the the deaths en masse were fast and furious.  The peak of our ability was making it to the 6min enrage timer, where he promptly turned red and pwn'd us.  I personally got hit for 57k dmg.  A shadow priest lasted long enough to see a 100k dmg hit come his way.  I tried to bubble/taunt tank him per the strat guide instructions but he was killing people faster than I could react.
It's kind of amazing how Kalecgos was so hard and Brutallus bumps the difficulty up a step.  The personal accountability for the healers seems to be the direction raids are going.  On Kalecgos, solo healing the tank isn't uncommon.  On Brutallus, two shamans are responsible for healing the raid through some severe AoE damage.  Two paladins split the load of healing through Burn.  I'm one of those paladins.  Burn starts out ticking at 100 dmg.  The tick is faster than a sec I think.  From there it starts doubling, sorta.  I see 250's, 500's, 1k's, 2k's, 3k's, and a last tick of 6k before the debuff disappears.  At the 1k mark I switch to rank 9 Lights.  At 2k I bump it up to rank 11 Light spam.
If the burn person is taking any other damage or I need to heal myself once we cross over 2k dmg per tick, they're going to die.  There is no time to spend a cooldown doing anything but healing them.  And if we loose one person, we don't have the dps to win.  To echo the other healadin, "10000xhaste plx!"
We're also trying to learn how to keep the tanks alive through Stomp.  There are 4 healers on the person tanking and even with spam heals, spike damage is high enough to one-shot them.  So even though it's a dps race, it's really a healing fight.  There's very little movement that the raid has to do, thus the dps basically stand there and pew pew.  The healers, on the other hand, are constantly struggling to keep on top of the damage.
While you're fighting Brutallus, he yells things.  One of the phrases is "You are meat!"  I don't know what it is, but I never process it correctly.  I interpret it as "You are neat!" most of the time.  Trying to fight a boss that you think is yelling compliments is a bit distracting.
In other news, the pattern for the BoE plate healing gloves dropped.  The mats for them are ridiculous, including 24 Khorium bars, 80 Adamantite bars, 20 Primal Life, 6 Primal Might, and 6 Sunmotes.  But now that I have the shoulders, I can afford to drop the crappy T6 gloves for these babies.  The net result is -2 stam, +2 int, +36 crit, +20 healing, and -1 mp5.  Yay for pally gear that has red/blue gems!  :D

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