May 23, 2008

Yay for 3 Day Weekends!

Seriously, I need a break from sleep deprivation, even if it's only for a little while.  We raid 4 nights a week until 12am EST.  That gives me 6.5hrs before getting up for work every day except for Wednesday's.  I'm a 12 hours a night sorta person, and have no problems stretching that out to 14 hours if the mood suits me, so this is mostly just rough on Fozec.  I'm not what you'd call a morning person even on a good day.
We had another paladin call it quits last night, opting to go Veteran.  He's been burnt out on healing for a while and just graduated high school, so it's not a huge surprise.  Plus we just brought in a previously Veteraned paladin, so we're still chilling with 3.  I expect more people to do this the closer to WotLK we get.  There comes a point where farming the same content seems like a waste of time and you see your chance to take a break before you're sucked into the next wave of content.  Pre-BC we took like a month off to just get rl stuff done.
All of Fozec's new computer parts and pieces converged on our doorstep yesterday.  We spent a bit of time unpackaging them in preparation for assembly.  After just putting together mine 2 weeks ago, and his having virtually identical parts, it should go pretty fast.  We got him Windows Vista since I haven't had any problems with mine.
Well, I can't say zero problems, but I don't think it's Vista related since the same issue happened on my old computer with XP and it happens to Fozec.  When I go to exit the game (not log out, exit) sometimes my computer will lockup and never actually make it out of the game.  I can hear the music for the login screen but picture-wise I'm frozen at the moment I clicked Exit.  I really think it's an addon issue, something that just won't stop.  When it freezes, sometimes I can Windows key out to my desktop and manually close it.  Other times I have to do a hard shutdown via the power button on my computer.  It's something Vista can see as a bad thing, too, because it'll just go ahead and auto-restart on its own.  Maybe it's time for some addon spring cleaning.


Anonymous said...

Hi, still reading your blog for tips on Sunwell healing and tanking.

re: window freezing on exiting WoW. A bunch of people in my guild had this same problem-- see the truely massive thread here:

for more info.

I finally figured out that you write the Raid RX colums that I've been recommending to all newish healer class leaders I know. (Also, my spouse is delighted that there is a Troll tank in your guild. His Troll just got his Wall of Metal Spikes shield from Illidan last night.) Hope I don't give off stalker vibes, just useful to see what your guild is going through, growing pains and all. = )

Valyre said...

It's good to know what you're looking for. I'm not sure I've been giving that many tips on SWP healing. I'll try to come up with some stuff in the near future. :)

Thanks for the link! I forget that there's probably a good chance if we're having issues, someone else is, too. Looks like Blizz isn't able to replicate the issue but thinks they know what the problem is.

We totally call that shield "Illidan's Car Door" it's so massive. I'm not sure what they'll come up with in WotLK but if it's not as gigantic, it'll feel like a letdown. hehe