May 6, 2008


So in my quest to find out if 8 haste is worth 9 healing, I stumbled across a 4/6 SWP healadin and checked out his armory profile.
He had an interesting view on gear and gemming.  First the impressive stuff: He has 7/8 of T6, ditching the gloves for the same ones I picked up.  Uber trinket off Illidan?  He has it!  Eirmad's also gone so far as to get 375 alch/ench for the ring enchants and healing trinket.
Now the weird stuff: He's still using exalted ring from MH.  Likewise, he's put +22 red healing gems in nearly every slot available.  Any left over slots got +11 healing/2mp5 purple gems.  He has the +12 Int meta gem, which surprised me considering his love of +healing.
I also checked out his guild.  They have 13 paladins, although I'm sure some are alts and a chunk are ret.  In fact, most holy's are either PvP or in Kara/T5 gear.  The only other holy T6 paladin I found was more balanced like me.  Neither of their raiding paladins are JC'ers, so they're stuck with the neck off Mother.  Perfectdrug is a miner/BS'er I think.
So how did we compare?
               Perfectdrug    Eirnad     Me
Healing    2249              2553       2373
Holy Crit  26.9%            27.2%     26.7%
Mp5        227                236         221
Int           553                531         532
Haste      24                  71          87
I wonder if they do a loot council thing.  Eirnad seemed much better geared than the rest of the paladins, by a number of pieces.  He's also Rank 2 in the guild (although so is Perfectdrug).  Or maybe they had some turnover/rerolls.  I dunno.

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