Apr 16, 2008

Things Looking Up

As you might have figured, morale has been pretty low in the guild over the past week.  It started with our inability to down Kalecgos, followed by our top mage leaving, then people getting into arguments and not showing up for raids.  We've done the last 2 nights in SWP with a less than ideal raid comp.  From a healing standpoint, I have 2 people that plan on taking a break.  Both of my healing lead assistants want to either take a break or switch mains entirely.  Things were gloomy and sad.
The first ray of hope was when a former awesome healadin reapplied to the guild, saying she'll be able to run with us again in a week or two.  Everyone in the guild likes her and she's a really great healer.  Then last night after a marathon of interviews, we brought in a resto shaman, resto druid, and a warlock.  This completely replaces all of the people that are leaving healing for one reason or another, plus a lock that has announced he's taking a break.  We're back in good shape again, assuming these guys are solid performers.
We're also looking at doing something we've never done before: inviting a just-hit-lvl-70 shaman as a Veteran.  We'll be using his non-raiding status as a way to get him in on guild off-night runs for gear.  He'll also need to conjure up about 500 heroic badges worth of loot.  Assuming he manages all this, we'll have essentially built up another resto shaman for raiding, topping us as 3.
In funny news, someone has made a level 1 paladin named Valisahoe.  They then whispered me the following: "Hey, HOE.  How have ya been?  Probably just a HOE like normal.  Oh, there you HOE again!"  I didn't make the caps on hoe up.  I replied with "uh" and didn't hear from them again.  lol  The person I'd normally expect something like this from was in the middle of WSG at the time, so I'm not sure who it was.

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