Apr 17, 2008

Solid Run and Performance

I'm always leery of bringing new people on raids, mostly because they're server transfers and it's the first time we actually get to see their performance.  We try to check everything out before hand by asking for WWS and drilling them on the mechanics of their class.  But even then we can be surprised.  We once brought in a druid with better gear than our current members.  On his first few runs, he was scraping the bottom of the meters.  Even though he had obviously done the same content, apparently he wasn't given much guidance in his old guild.  In the end we worked with him on spell selection and now he's good to go.
Last night we had two new healers and a warlock in the raid and only one of them had ever seen T6 content.  All in all they were really solid on adapting to the new content and pumping out some healing.  The shaman was a bit undergeared but closed out the evening with about 4 new pieces.  The druid picked up some healing gear as well.  Even one of our long-time paladins snagged a new mace.  I got a tanking ring.  lol
It's pretty traditional for new people to wipe us at least once on Archimonde.  In fact, it's usually about 3 times per newbie since the fight requires you to spend most of your time out running fire.  The only person to die was the new resto shaman but we can survive a single death.  We one-shot every boss through Akama, which is one of the smoothest runs we've had in a while.
So I'm pretty impressed so far, although the more difficult content will be coming up tonight via the 2nd half of BT.  The only downside is we're basically running with 1 priest atm when we normally have 3.  Our CoH has some rl stuff going on and has been missing raids.  An imp spi priest is suffering from the nvidia issues and is down to 2fps in raids.  This means a lot of the big heals have been falling to me to cover.  I was actually 3rd on the healing meter last night because of it, when I'm normally near the bottom.  I'm not complaining and the change of pace is good.  I just worry about my longevity on the boss fights.  I have some of the lowest mp5 in the guild.

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