Apr 14, 2008

Moar News, Good and Bad

This weekend I played about 2hrs on my hunter. Between all of the dailies and trying to get things done for a family dinner on Sun, I just didn't have more time for her. I did manage to download PetEmote, and addon that give my BPoDaRS the really random sniffage he's been craving. I was vendoring some greys in town and look down to see "Eddie searches the ground for food." lol

Over the weekend our T6-ish badge vendor opened up. It wasn't quite the chaos that I've seen reported on other servers, but I was late to the party by a few hours. I jumped in and started looking at the gear. The result? Zero upgrades. :( Yes, I pretty much knew that going in, but you can never tell what can happen between the PTR and going live.

We did the new "zomg, keel zee orcs!" SSO daily out near BT which is not only fun, but nets you a mighty fine mp5 weapon oil. It's one charge and the item doesn't stack in your inventory, but it does last through death like all the other oils. I tested it out in SWP last night and it did great.

I reported last time that we had to run BT because we didn't have enough mages for decursing. Well, on Saturday one of our top ones posted that he had already transferred servers to join a guild that's downed the 3rd boss in SWP. It was a shock, especially since I can't recall anyone quitting our guild to join a more progressed one before. It's always been about raid times or rl conflicts with roughly a week's notice. It hit the guild hard because a number of people considered him a friend.

I wish I could say that we rallied and overcame that emo blow to defeat Kalecgos but I can't. We suffered through several heart-wrenching wipes with the boss at less than 10%. No matter how hard we tried, we just couldn't close the deal. Ugh. My plan is to pour over the WWS and see if I can find something to fix.

In other news, after telling that girl to stop texting me, she managed to mistakenly text me again THE VERY NEXT DAY. So I called Verizon and had them block all text messages. Too bad I can't write my own reply message, something like "You are the dumbest person alive. How many different ways must someone tell you that you have the wrong number? Please seek sterilization for the good of the human race."

And my mouse troubles? Like they never happened when I logged in the next day. Pitbull loves me, ctrl works just like always, and I've changed absolutely nothing. I love electronics.

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Mel Hall said...

Hehe, I installed PetEmote last week too! Saw it on BRK, huh? It's pretty cute. They don't all seem to completely make sense though...something about wanting a crawl and another where my pet "yawns extensive". I haven't seen the searching the ground for food one though. Must be different for different sorts of pets.