Apr 18, 2008

Awaiting the Weekend

Last night things continued to go well for us with the exception of about 4 wipes on Illidan.  Even thought we've had this content on farm for months, there's still enough of a randomness factor combined with human error that can create issues.
And if we had hoped to impress our new recruits last night, I'm pretty sure it didn't happen.  On the last Illidan attempt, Fozec died right before a demon phase.  In the chaos before the warlock picked him up, I got killed along with about 2/3 of the raid.  The GM called out for a wipe right as someone battle rez'd Fozec.  Our new resto druid made a snap decision and brez'd me.  I helped get Fozec's health back up just in time for him to tank the next phase.  There were 3 healers, the 2 tanks, and maybe 3-4 dps alive with Illidan at 6%.  Then the plague that is parasites started to take over since there wasn't enough ranged to kill them.  We managed to down Illidan but ended up with a dead raid due to parasites finishing us off.  And that's not even the worst part.  We ran back in to get loot and the parasites were sill running around.  We spend the next 10 min trying to contain those infected and eliminate the problem.  We didn't even know what had dropped since we were too busy running around like clowns.
At one point during the post-Illidan craziness I got infected.  The thought occurred to me to hearth since I don't really enjoy dying.  Sadly I didn't take action fast enough and the parasites spawned before I could finish my cast.  But it made me wonder if Blizzard has steps in place to prevent that sort of thing.  I mean, if not and I show up in Shatt, spawning 3 parasites, they'll run to the nearest people and infect them.  Then each of them will infect 3 more people.  The infection itself does enough damage to kill someone if they don't get heals, but it doesn't prevent parasites from spawning if you're dead.
Can you imagine the horror and chaos that would erupt as parasites ransacked the city?  You'd look down from the Aldor perch to see people running and screaming, shadowfiend-like mobs tearing after them.  Bodies dropping left and right.  I wonder if the parasites are smart enough to take the lifts or just do the whole auto run up the side of the rises to get people.  Total awesomeness right there.
Hopefully the debuff gets wiped if you're not in the BT zone, though.


Science said...

Wasn't there an issue with some sort of disease running amok in SW, etc.. quite a few patches ago? I'm sure Blizz learned from their mistakes on that one.

Christopher said...

Indeed there was, Science!

Back when ZG first landed on the scene and was new to the world, Hakkar's Corrupted Blood ability was a bit more powerful than Blizzard intended. Faxmonkey chronicled the effects of the Corrupted Blood plague unleashed on Orgrimmar:

"When a Raid group fight Hakkar, they opened a portal to orgimmar and Brang the disease with them...

It effects ANYONE within a certain range, and does DoT damage..."

Watch the hilarity unfold in his video, uploaded on YouTube.

Interestingly enough, the effects of the plague proved useful to meatspace researchers studying the effects of disease rampancy and random infection. Blizzard fixed the plague, but the memory remains.

Valyre said...

I believe that was the first issue with the plague. After they set up WoW to wipe the plague off the people that left the zone, they forgot about hunter pets.

All you had to do was dismiss your pet while it had the plague, then call it while you were in town.