Apr 24, 2008

Posts that Didn't post

So, for whatever reason, I haven't been able to get my posts to post.  So here's a couple that were black-logged.  Everything should be straightened out now.
As the Raiding World Turns
One thing about raiding is things never stay the same.  There's this slow, constant march of new people to take the place of those that have either decided to take a break or switch roles.  Last night while I was working on the healing assignments in BT, I realized that not only are there no healers left from my original guild, there's only two left from my previous guild.  That's not to say some of those people aren't still around.  A former priest, three resto shaman, and 2 original resto druids are filling other roles.  We also have 2 former dps putting around as healadins.  It's just a weird feeling when change sort of sneaks up on you all at once.
Along those lines, one of my healing assistants took the first step in switching to his rogue by bringing it to MH/BT last night.  My other assistant has been afk for a few weeks due to rl stuff.  So I've brought in a resto shaman to replace X and our other holy priest is happy to fill in until C can get back to the game.
Heroic MaT
Last night I ran heroic MaT in the attempt to get either the healing or tanking trinket.  One of our new enhancement shaman was after the melee trinket.  Naturally, the caster dps one dropped.  >.<
We wiped a number of times on the 5-mob boss fight.  We didn't have much CC to speak of and it seems like that was the issue.  We traded out Fozec for a warlock and killed everything with 0 deaths.
I think Blizzard has done a really good job at providing similar content in heroic MaT that you'd find in the Sunwell, specifically from a healer's perspective.  In BT/MH I'm pretty much a 100% Flash machine, dishing out a near constant stream of 1.6k heals.  While the fights were initially interesting, I think only the Council fight was a challenge to heal and that's because we run with less than the recommended number of healers.  It was the same thing in 5-mans.  After months of Flash, my mind started to glaze over.
The introduction of the Sunwell content has made all healers step it up a notch.  Lights have become a significant part of my spell selection in both heroic MaT and SWP.  The relative healer to raid damage ratio is really about the same in both instances and I see the same mobs doing the same things in both.  This is a far cry from the really weak healing requirements Pre-BC and I'm glad things are moving in this direction.  Healers need some excitement in their gameplay, too.

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