Apr 25, 2008

Lewts Galore!

Last night I seemed to be raking in lewts hand over fist, although only one piece ended up being for my healing set.  I got a pretty dress I've been eyeing for a while off Terron, the 2 handed melee mace off RoS for my ret set, and two pairs of the T6 shoulders.  Yes, after months of anguish and then just writing them off, I end up with 2 pairs in the same night.  Ridiculous.
I need to decide if I should use one of the shoulders for prot or ret.  I currently have solid prot shoulders but apparently the T6 are an upgrade.  I don't have any real plans on respec'ing ret, but I figured maybe at the expansion it would be good to have a starter dps set.  This will give me the T6 2-piece set bonus for whichever way I go.
I do plan on going prot over some weekends, but only so Fozec can try out pally tanking.  He's been doing research on their viability for a long time.  He started leveling up one of his own to try it out, but it seems quicker and easier to just use mine.  It's already level 70 and I have access to MH/BT prot raid gear and have the rep for any glyph you'd want.  An alt would be limited to Kara/heroics and be starting from scratch.
I think Valyre should be able to tank 5-mans and ZA without a lot of trouble pretty soon.  I'm just looking for a few more pieces, namely a helm and some trinkets.  It'll be kind of funny seeing a skinny belf holding mobs at bay, though.
If Fozec is playing Valyre, that pretty much locks me out of my hunter alt since they're on the same account.  But since we have 4 accounts amongst us, I need to decide what my weekend project will be.  One option is transferring my hunter to my other account and continue playing it.  I think, though, that Foz would enjoy it if I was in the 5-mans with him.  That leaves me with a level 70 priest in Kara gear, a 62 druid, a 55-ish mage, and a 60 rogue.  The priest can go either shadow or holy.  She's got the same level sets for both.  The other three would need some work before they're 5-man ready.
So, being lazy, I'll probably dust off the priest.  I leveled her to 70 as shadow but I can't say it's something I love.  I'm more interested in trying out CoH, since it was crap when she was mothballed.  I think it would also be fun to have the full arsenal of healing spells at my fingertips again.  A HoT?  Wut's that?!?!  And depending on her gear (I think it's mostly primal mooncloth), maybe I can even get in on a heroic MaT and see what it's like on easy mode.  ;P

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