Apr 22, 2008

Kalecgos Freed!

After weeks of attempts, stacks and stacks of consumables, repair bills that approached 50g per night, and various morale issues, Ascent has downed Sathrovarr the Corrupt.  "Lawlwut" you say?  You know, the demon dude that was corrupting Kalecgos all Vael-style.  Except this time we actually saved the dragon from a life of servitude/untimely death.  (Sorry, Vael.)
So my guild has officially gone from "BT on farm" to "A Sunwell Guild".  In fact, once we ran past Kalecgos' platform, we all discovered the Sunwell Plateau.  Who knows what we were working on before, but now we've hit the big-time!
And you'd be able to read my witty post on my guild's website if 1) the screenshot had actually uploaded like it was supposed to, and 2) if Blogger would make friends with our website and actually upload the post.  /sigh
We still had an hour left of raiding so we tested our abilities against Brutallus.  It didn't go very well.  The tanks were croaking after 2 hits and we know that we don't have the dps right now to even wipe to the enrage.  Another week of farming content should help a bit, especially if we can get good drops.  We also have a bunch of new people that need to get their gear up to speed.


Christopher said...

Awesome!! Congrats to all of Team Ascent. It's good to see you've pulled through your rough patch with flying colors.

Surely this is a Horde server first for Scarlet Crusade. Did you beat your Alliance competition to the punch?

What were some of the learnings you took away from the fight that allowed you to overcome?

Jim said...

It was a Horde server first. One of the Alliance guilds downed Kalecgos a week or two ago. A second Alliance guild killed Kalecgos along with us last night.

The key thing we did was bring 9 healers and 4 decursers. That, along with all of the practice we've had on executing the fight, put us over the top.