Apr 7, 2008

Over the Weekend

This weekend was jam-packed with a ton of WoW playing. Yep, I even found about 30 min for my hunter, although corspe jumping wasn't as fun as I remember.

The biggest highlight is that I've continued my streak of doing all of the SSO daily quests everyday (with the exception of the mining one). So over the past week I've gone from about 300g to over 1kg. Fozec and I have become master bombers, killers of demons, reprogramers of robots, freer of slaves, and exterminators of pesky magic junkies. We also know our way around testing fireballs, should the need arise.

I also ran another MT heroic, and snagged the caster dps trinket for my shockadin set. Yes, I know the "chance on periodic damage" doesn't help me, but the 44 spell dmg was better than what I had before. The healer trinket, it does elude me.

I also ran heroic Botanica, which was both the daily heroic and the daily something else. In addition, I had a quest for there. I think one more run will make me exalted and I can start begging for the free Shatt flasks.

Speaking of consumables, on Friday I got the chance to really think about the Kalecgos fight. And what I came up with was an mp5 flask wasn't going to cut it. So as healing lead, I decreed that everyone needed to have a hearty supply of elixir of major mageblood, elixir of healing power, healing or stam/spi food, and weapon oil. I spent most of Saturday getting the mats together for my own.

Unfortunately, the healing composition for last night's attempt wasn't so great. We ended up having our ret paladin respec to holy. It was at that point that we realized he didn't have any healing addons. So I had him grab Grid and tried to talk him through how it worked. Luckily he plays a paladin, so 2 heals aren't that hard to disgest. We also had our elemental shaman respect to resto. I gave him a ton of mats to get his healing gear enchanted, plus epic gems to replace the green gems he was sporting. On top of that, one of our main holy priests couldn't make it. Yes, things were that bad. Towards the end of the evening, one of our real resto shaman logged on, so we swapped out the ret. Group heals > direct heals on this fight.

The entire Kalecgos fight seems to be around 7 min long by my estimates. Our best attempt got him to 12% dragon side, and something like 20% demon side. That's not bad for what we had to work with. It seemed like we could consistently get both sides to 50%. We'll head back in there tonight and see what we can scrape together.

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Jim said...

On our very last attempt of the night we actually got him down to 10% Demon Phase and 3% Dragon Phase. That's pretty close, but the last part is the hardest.

I need to make another huge batch of Ironshield Potions before the raid tonight.