Apr 9, 2008

Kalecgos, You Must Die

So tonight we'll hopefully be back in the Sunwell, assuming we have the right balance of people. Wednesday's are usually pretty good for us, so I have high hopes. The downside is we'll continue to be short healers for the near future. One of our resto shaman is on vacation and a priest has just disappeared for reasons unknown. Last I checked, one of our paladins couldn't stay connected, either.

So there's a search going on for some more healers. What we need the most are resto shaman and druid but it may come down to less than ideal composition just to get 8 healers in the raid.

In other news, I'm about half way to SSO exalted. The anvil was at 60% last night, so a couple more days and we'll probably have it. Doing our dailies last night, Fozec was distracted with some whispers so I set out to solo the mobs. It didn't go well, especially on the creepy dudes under the trees. It appears that they have a chance on hit to drain mana, plus an out-right mana drain spell. I'm a shockadin when dps'ing, so this wasn't a good combination. At one point I aggro'd three on me. I bubbled to heal back up (high mana regen ftw) but basically had to melee them to death. This took forever, to the point some random Hordies stopped by to whack them a couple of times to help me out.

Up until last night I thought the dailies were really easy, but now I know I'm pretty much just there to provide healing and the occasional imp one-shot. If I had to solo them everyday, I doubt I'd still be doing them. Everything takes too long to kill and consecration isn't the best idea around a bunch of flagged punks.

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