Mar 31, 2008

Revised Equipment Wish List

So I finally got around to comparing all the new Patch 2.4 gear to what was available in the old game. I has spreadsheets, to say the least. So here's the details...

With Patch 2.4, two things happened. The first is every old T6 piece got a non-set replacement. Second, every old MH/BT non-set piece got a T6 replacement. To add to the complexity, they've put in a vendor that lets you swap one random trash drop item for another. Yay. :|

Putting together an equipment wish list is part best-in-slot and part realism of what you'll actually be able to get your hands on. Then you cover it all in a heavy dose of loot priority. So here I go...

Valyre's Loot List
Helm of the Burning Righteousness - Kil'jaeden
Amulet of Flowing Life - JC pattern trash drop in SP
Spaulders of the Thalassian Savior - Trash drop in SP
Shroud of the Highborn - Illidan
Lightbringer Chestpiece - Illidan
Lightbringer Bracers - SP
Sunblessed Gauntlets - BS pattern trash drop in SP, BoE item
Lightbringer Belt - SP
Legplates of the Holy Juggernaut - Kalecgos
Lightbringer Treads - SP
Band of Lucent Beams - Kalecgos
Blessed Band of Karabor - Own it already
Memento of Tyrande - Illidan
Battlemaster's Perseverance - 75 Badges Shatt
Archon's Gavel - Twins in SP
Bastion of Light - Own it already

This set gives me the 4 piece set bonus which will net me somewhere in the neighborhood of +50 healing per Flash. The set bonus is still better than going 100% best in slot since you're only giving up one item. It's really a toss up between using the chestpiece or the shoulders. What it came down to was I didn't need more haste instead of crit. So I've opt'd to get out of the T6 shoulder rat race and concentrate on the chest and cloak off Illidan.

I don't actually expect to get the Memento and will probably roll with Essence of the Martyr instead. The saddest realization is the trinket off the Shatt cosmic wind chime has been available for a while now and I haven't gotten it. I'm also relying on a couple of trash drops for lewts which makes me a bit nervous.

All of this stuff should push me into the 2.4k healing range, increasing my haste by 120, and really not affect my ~29% holy crit at all. I'll also just about double my mp5.

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