Apr 11, 2008

Bad Ju Ju

That was the title of a post in our guild forums this morning, and it pretty much sums up how I feel things have been going with raiding lately.

We got Kalecgos the dragon to 0% life and wiped with the demon at 1% Monday night. After that, petty arguments broke out and we just couldn't get our acts together to finish the job. Wednesday we didn't have enough mages, and by the looks of it, 2 that were MIA were pouting because of an argument they had gotten into on Monday. So we did BT and we were really sloppy.

Last night we were back to the same old issue: not enough healers. One paladin still has 5k latency, the other didn't bother to show up, and there's 2 healers that are always late on Thursday's due to work. We had to clear the last 3 bosses in BT with 6 healers and 1 respec'd shaman. These are 8 healer fights.

I also had some pretty severe issues with my mouse. I use a 7 button gaming mouse and click to cast heals. One of the buttons I have keybound to ctrl, so my Lights are ctrl+left click and ctrl+right click. Well, that button stopped working. It took 2 full reboots for the mouse software to come back to life. And after that, I was still having issues. One of the healers said it was an issue with Clique. So I turned it off and downloaded/configured Click2Cast from ace. We had to take a 5 min break before Council so I could get everything set up. Well, the new issue is when I right click on someone's portrait, the menu for Pitbull comes up. Therefore I can't trade, inspect, or put raid icons on anyone. Apparently ctrl+right click is also the keybinding for accessing Pitbull's menu. It sounds like I went from no ctrl to ctrl 24/7 but it doesn't behave like that when I'm using Grid. Just the Pitbull unit frames.

Now, for the record, I haven't changed anything in at least a week. Nothing, not even healing assignments have been altered. I've installed no new addons (besides last night while trying to fix things) and there's no new drivers available for my mouse. And I keep coming back to the mouse being the issue. I doubt they intended the button I use for ctrl to be pressed as much as I use it for. Both Light ranks, Cleanse, and BoP use it. It just may be time for a new mouse.


Christopher said...

Gah, drama. The annoyance of internal drama is only amplified by people like us, who are entirely devoid of drama-inducing character traits. I hope you guys get it sorted out. Perhaps they just need some time? (Though not even time can cure a drama queen, I'm afraid.)

If you're in the market for a new mouse, I recommend anything made by Razer (www.razerzone.com). Both Mel and I use their Diamondback gaming mouse, which is by a long shot the best mouse I've ever used. I have dabbled with Logitech and Microsoft hardware in the past and found it to be consistently average. The speed, precision, customizability, and utility of the Diamondback sets it apart, in my eyes.

Diamondback: Link
All mice: Link

I've heard good things about the DeathAdder and Lachesis, but don't have any hands-on time to relay. I can, though, wholly recommend the Diamondback.

Valyre said...

What I need in a mouse is at least 5 programable buttons (excluding the wheel). I need one button that's within easy reach to do 2 button combo's for heals. That mouse claims to have 7 buttons but I only can see left, right, and wheel. I wonder where the rest are...

I also need to get a new mousepad. The one I have somehow got wrinkled. It also feels like I'm /wrists all evening because of how small it is and the edge catches my arm.

I've looked at Razor stuff before at Best Buy but the options they had available in-store weren't exactly what I was looking for. That's how I ended up with the Logitec. It's been great up until now. Also, I think maybe the feet are wearing out. >.<

Christopher said...

Beyond the main clicks and middle click, Razer meeces have the extra buttons along the rim of the device, right under where the thumb would rest. It's a single button construction that has both a forward and a rear click. Since the mouse is built to be ambidextrous, the design is symmetrical, meaning one of the side clicks is under your thumb while the other is on the outside, nearest your pinky. My current setup maps functions to the three primary clicks plus the two under my thumb. I do not have anything mapped to the buttons on the far side for WoW.

As for customizability, the hardware comes with a configuration utility that allows you to redefine any button on the mouse to numerous mouse functions or key presses. There's also a feature to change the sensitivity on the fly (useful for FPS games, though only situationally useful for WoW). I think you can assign it key sequence macros, but I'm having a senior moment and for some reason can't remember if it does or not.

The Lachesis has the seven buttons found on the Diamondback plus two behind the scroll wheel for a total of nine, only seven of which I would likely use. DeathAdder has only five total, though it does away with the two on the far side.

I used to have a mousepad with a wrist rest that was basically cutting my hand off. I bought a flat mat with a separate bean-bag rest and find the combination excellent. The teflon feet on my Diamondback skate so well it feels like a hovermouse. =)

Valyre said...

My Logitech has a button between the left and right buttons, north of the wheel. I bind that to ctrl so I can easily ctrl+whatever other button I need. Moving that button to my pinky finger wouldn't work. That finger is for gripping the mouse.

Logitech MX518

Apparently it has 8 buttons, but only 5 buttons and the wheel are usable on the fly. The + button = ctrl for me.

Searching the internet, I can't find another mouse that has that middle button ahead of the wheel. And I've tried using the wheel button before with little success. It's not ideal to click something that's designed to move.