Apr 21, 2008

Moar Monday

This weekend was a pretty busy one in-game, thus the longest post evah!  We'll start off with the hunter.  Alurial decided to give up enchanting in favor of leatherworking.  This was based on 2 reasons, the fact that I already have a 375 enchanter and the large amounts of leather building up in her bank.  So I put up all my ench mats for auction and started in on the leather.  I got somewhere around 100 skill before it was time to raid.  I also worked on my cooking, getting to the precarious Sagefish stage where my lack of fishing skills failed me.
It was during this search for cooking mats that I stumbled across a rather newbish situation.  I needed spider legs for some skill-ups.  Searching the AH, I found 14 with no buyout price.  So I whisper the person selling them to see if I could just buy them directly.  On the AH, the total bid price was about 15s.  I offered 50s plus me coming to the closest city to them to pick them up.  I was in Thunderbluff and this meant getting to Silvermoon City.
So I'm traveling clear across the world for some spider legs I'm going to cook and then vendor.  The belf I'm picking them up from asks for a price increase of 1s to cover the cost of their flight.  Uh, sure.  Next time I'll be clear that my offer includes the price of travel.  Based on some of the belf's comments, I realize that she's really new to the game.  I end up explaining how to cancel an auction, that shift+left click will show you my level, and the like.  I get to Silvermoon and find her standing in an inn.  I spent who knows how long getting there and she hasn't moved from her hearth location.  So we both go off to the AH.  She cancels the auction and then doesn't know what to do.  I explain that her items are in the mailbox.  We run there.  We run back because she has no idea that I followed her to said mailbox.  I open trade.  She's stunned.  At level 22, she didn't know characters could trade.  In her world, all transactions are done via mailbox.
She promptly sticks the spider legs in the Will Not Be Traded slot.  This is where I started getting suspicious.  My 50s is sitting in the window, I'm ready to click trade, and the legs are in the wrong slot.  Is she trying to rip me off?  I whisper her that they're in the wrong slot and she moves the 2 stacks to the right place, and then spends like the next 30 sec trying to decide exactly which slots they look best in.  I still don't hit trade.  I'm not paying 50s for half my agreed purchase.  She then whispers me, saying that it's 51s, to cover the cost of a bat ride.
I stick 51s in my side, she puts all the legs on hers and we both hit trade.  I say thanks and bail.  Later I recount this story to Fozec, complete with my feeling that she was trying to rip me off.  "Yeah, of course it was a complex scheme to get your 50s" was the sarcastic observation in reply.  Hey!  50s is a lot of money to a lvl 30-ish hunter!
In paladin news, I managed to get exalted with SSO and promptly filled up all my bags with the care package contents when I forgot auto-loot was on.  >.<  Our server has secured the Harbor and is working on the alchemy lab of flask and gemmy goodness.  We did our part by doing all of the SSO quests on the island.  We also ran some new people through normal MaT.
Last week I picked up the mace off Illidan, [Crystal Spire of Karabor] This is the best mace I can get my grubby hands on until we actually progress through SWP.  It's more +healing and mp5 than my old one, but it's on-use is pretty snazzy: If your target is below 50% health, your direct healing spells will cause your target to be healed for an additional 180-220 health.  That's enough to bump my Flash over the 2k mark with buffs.
I also made [Figurine-Seaspray Albatross] as a replacement for the [Fel Reaver's Piston], since it has 2 more mp5 and a pretty sweet 900 mana every 3 min on-use.  I've created a mana regen macro that /use the figurine, Divine Illumination, and a super mana pot.  On Kalecgos, I can use this macro twice.
The JC neck recipe dropped off trash last night.  There were two healing JC'ers in the raid including me.  The other was a previous member that has recently returned (like yesterday) to our server to raid with us.  Basically everyone in the guild loves her.  I'm a big fan, too.  Well, as soon as it dropped, people started congratulating her.  Well, according to our loot rules, I had priority since she's a recruit and I'm a raider.  I've also already worked on getting the mats for it should it drop.  This is my end-game necklace, so I roll and get it.  And I feel bad, mostly because people wanted her to have it and I took it out from under her.  I also already had a better neck than she did.  On the flip side, she has better boots and shoulders, so it's not like she's suffering.
It all goes back to my perceived personality in-game.  I don't say much, especially on vent, and when I do, it tends to either be barking healing orders or some sarcastic comment.  I'm also always there.  The other paladin is chatty and personable.  She's also shiny and new since her recent return.  I'm not jealous or anything.  I like her a ton.  I just wonder what I should do so I'm more personable in-game.  I tried saying some social things last night over healer chat and it felt fake.  /perplexed

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