Apr 28, 2008

Another Weekend Gone By

I ran a couple of heroic MaT's this weekend, in my endless journey to get either the healing or tanking trinket.  I finally snagged the later yesterday afternoon.  I also picked up some ret shoulders.
I got up late yesterday morning to find Valyre's character selection screen chilling on my computer monitor.  Fozec confessed that he had worked all morning leveling up my weapon skills that had fallen by the wayside, namely one-handed swords and two-handed maces since I own King's Defender and Torch of the Damned.  Apparently one-handed swords was a 1 weapon skill when he started.  lol  One-handed axes is still outstanding as being uber low, but I don't really see myself using one in the near future.  A healing axe seems like an oxymoron.
He plans on leveling up Val's cooking next.  I'm not even sure if I've ever trained cooking, let alone gotten it anywhere.  It's sad, really, since Fozec has leveled up cooking, first aid, and fishing on every main he's had.  My characters only have max first aid, but that's not saying much.  I can take credit for leveling up a week's worth of fishing on Fozec's old druid.  Granted, he was power leveling my troll rogue at the time, since I decided the undead version sucked and started over.
So with my long history of not doing anything but my main professions, finding Fozec working on my characters while I'm sleeping is akin to waking up to breakfast in bed.  It's super sweet to take the time to work on my stuff when I'm sure there's things he could be doing on his character.  :D
In raiding news, we were back in Black Temple last night.  After like 5 attempts on Illidan last Thursday, we just couldn't close the deal.  It took another 3 attempts before we killed him dead.  I can imagine all of the new recruits were secretly saying "Wtf did I get myself into??"  Talk about embarrassing.
But we did redeem ourselves by one-shotting Kalecgos.  Yep, after 4 weeks of attempts we downed him last week, then turned around and pwned his butt last night.  I think the key to that fight is the right comp and full consumables.  If you're missing either one, you're doomed.  We had no problems running with 4 mages for decursing and 9 healers, 4 of which could do group heals.
It's sort of poor planning on Blizz's part, though, having people bulk up the raid with 9 healers for that one fight.  The most we needed in BT was 8 and we basically do the entire thing with 7 now.  And the fight afterwards will ultimately only need 7 healers.  That sticks at least 2 healers on the waitlist that weren't there before.
We'll be back on Brutallus tonight.  This is probably the single worst dps race in the game at the moment.  On our last Terron Gorefiend kill, our damage-doers had high enough sustained dps to kill Brutallus so we're definitely in the ballpark.  The question in my mind is how long can the healers keep the tanks alive.  It seems like the tanks are getting two-shotted even with 4 healers on them.  It's also super critical to keep the raid alive.  I'm pretty sure if we loose one person, we loose the fight to the 6min enrage timer.  That's how tight the dps is.  This is tough with increasing AoE damage plus a debuff that works its way up to a 6k dmg tick.

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