Apr 10, 2008

Another Thursday (Sorta)

Last night was a disappointment in that two mages failed to show and we were stuck doing BT. And we did it pretty poorly, imo. We only made it through Gertie Bloodboil (with numerous wipes on him) before calling it and heading off to bed.

One of our paladins continues to have internet issues, of which England seems to be notorious for. We interviewed a paladin applicant last night. Her guild is the same as us progression-wise but apparently disorganized. They have to cancel raids and start later than expected due to people not showing up on time. She interviewed well I think so we extended her an offer. She has other guilds to interview with, so we'll see how it goes.

I've made some slow progress on revamping our guild website. Right now it's a Black Temple kind of theme with purples and oranges. I'd like to go with a Sunwell look but I'm struggling to nail down exactly what that means. Originally I was thinking a red stone background, white forums and gold accents with maybe a little green leafy things thrown around to spice it up. I got as far as the red stone background and stopped. It seems both too busy (text on stone = can't read) and not busy enough (pattern too large around the edges). So it's back to the drawing board.

I don't typically share rl things, but this is too strange to pass up. Over the past couple of weeks someone kept text messaging me. Now, I don't do text messaging. If you need to talk to me right then, just call. Otherwise, email me and I'll get back to you. Plus my phone is old school Nokia, so it takes about a year to type out my name. The first couple of messages sort of sounded like spam so I just deleted them and moved on. But then every few days I'd get another from the same number. Finally I took 10 min and replied with "u have the wrong no.". Not 30 sec later I get "haha funny" or some nonesense like that. I was busy trying to get some stuff done so I just hit delete and hoped they'd figure it out.

Well, this morning I get a long text message from the same number, describing some sort of fight the girl had with her mother. Apparently both wished the other would die and go to hell, etc. I'm having a good morning. The sun is out, I managed to put together a cute outfit, cheese sammich is cruising on the plate beside me, and the song selection on xmradio was quality. And now I'm having to read about people hating each other. I snapped.

I called the number and was greeted with "Yo yo yo! Speak!" like I was some sort of canine companion trained to immediately spit out what I had to say. Moar snappage and the following was conveyed. "Hello, this is Marcie. You keep sending me text messages even though I'm pretty sure I told you that you had the wrong number. My number is xxx-xxx-xxxx and who you're texting isn't who you think it is. Check your number." and I hung up. Now, this isn't the most badass convo you've ever read I'm sure, but imagine it delivered in a rather nasty, you've-ruined-my-morning-with-your-stupidity tone of voice. About 15 min later I get another text message about how they had accidentally switched the 6 and 8, and they were sorry. Oh Em Gee stop texting me! I know that you messed up. I freaking told you that twice! What part of leave me the f alone didn't you understand?

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Christopher said...

Oh man, that texter is epic fail. This has been going on for weeks, you say? Did they send you anything embarrassing? =P

Wait a second, is this showing up on your bill? At $0.10 per received text, it adds up pretty quickly.